Planted easel

ladyofdirt(Mo. 5b)May 23, 2013

Planted easel

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Marlene Kindred

Well, that's a new idea...wouldn't have thought to put a planter on an easel. I see your pooch likes to follow you around the garden as well. ;-)

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That's a neat idea, soon the painting will "develop" will be fun to see how it progresses! Jan

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ladyofdirt(Mo. 5b)

Thanks, I put a couple sweet potato vines in also. Willsee how it vines up. Joplin always follows me in the back yard. She is my *water* baby. As soon as she hears th hose is on she goes crazy. She is on of 4 dogs we have. All bu one from when the kids lived here and couldn't take them when they moved out.

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chilliwin(EU DK 7)

The idea is very creative.


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I like this idea! I have a frame from an old painting that I have been wondering what to do with it.....I was going to put it in the garden somewhere but you've helped crystalise my thoughts! I might have to go and get an easel! LOL! :)

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Very different and unique. Love the idea! I love the idea that the "painting" will continue to develop as the plants grow. It will change as time goes on. Thanks for the idea. Now a lot of us garden junkers will be shopping for easels and frames. Thanks for sharing.

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Great easel use!!!

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