ladyofdirt(Mo. 5b)May 23, 2013

A few little things.

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Marlene Kindred

I like this idea! How did you mount the teapot? I can see an elbow behind the teapot, but how did you attach it? Love the tea "drops" flowing down to the cup and saucer....very nice!

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Little pots are so sweet, love the flower in that hot pink! Nice color on the chair too, will look lovely with the plant when it fills out. TFS Jan

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ladyofdirt(Mo. 5b)

Thank you. I had to drill a hole and screw it to the dowel.
Make a pot chime for my MIL also which is different colors. Thinking of making more if I can find some small pots. Every store is out of them.

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I LOVE your teapot! I llike the way the liquid is pouring into the cup. A very sweet scene. TYFS JLily

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