Bed frame project

nmgirl(8 S.NM)May 14, 2012

I picked up these bed frames at an estate sale quite a while back. I didn't know what I'd do with them but they were to good of a deal to pass up. I finally decided I'd use them as plant props/holder-uppers. I painted them light yellow 'cuz they were a shade of yellow originally and I had a little yellow paint leftover from another project. I put the huge bolt in the leg for more stability and I didn't want to bury the wood. I also took 4 tuna cans, punched a big hole the bottom and ran the bolt through it so the base of the wooden frame is actually resting on the upside down tuna can. The plants behind the frames are a drought tolerant Solidago (goldenrod). They're taller than the frames now, I think they like the little bit of shade the frames provide.

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They look great & much stronger than most of stuff you can buy today! Like the blue you have around & with the goldenrod I think it would look stunning! Jan

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cnm1(6 Oh)

Oh- I should have bought that headboard I saw at the TS for 7.5!!!! Great idea - and your wall is amazing too!! I am going to borrow your idea for the bolt for some things in my garden. Thanks for the ideas!!

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Marlene Kindred

Those look great Sylvia! They will look awesome with the goldenrod when it blooms too...the blue accents look good with the yellow too...and I love your stone wall!

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Wonder plant stakes!!! I love the blue globes against the pale yellow, too & this will be really beautiful when the Goldenrod blooms! Nice recycling ...I have a pair of brown metal ones I haven't used yet (for a couple yrs) & tried them the other day in veggie garden for gourds to climb...but vetoed the idea...they need to be somewhere 'lovelier!' Tuna cans...good idea! Jeanne s.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

they look so pretty in the garden.

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sorie6(6b ok.)

Great idea. Your garden is pretty too.

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