mlgflowersOctober 25, 2013

Can I cut the plant to soil level? It is not looking pretty.

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Hi...Yes, you can.
If your Calathea is given enough light, new leaves form. Sometimes it takes a while, but well-worth the wait. Toni

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A lot of my Calatheas were eaten down to the ground by animals. I'm hoping they're all going to come back. Some have started already.

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Hi Tropic. Which animals eat Calatheas? :)
I love wildlife but they are destructive.

Do your Cals stay in-ground year round? As long as roots are intact, leaves should grow back.

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Toni, the wallabies are the offenders. Problem is they keep coming back and chew right down to the petioles. Eventually the plants run out of reserves and don't get a chance to recover. I really need to fence, but it's going to be an expensive exercise.

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Tropic, is it am or pm there???

Those darm wallabies--they bother my plants, too. lol.
No, just kidding. I wish we had wallabies roaming the area..

Are wallabies the same as kangaroos? What's their size?

You're right..after continuous munching, eventually any plant will kick the bucket.
Can you keep Cals indoors?

Are you planning on hiring people to put up a fence or do-it-yourself job?
If you put up a fence, it'd be less expensive. You'd only pay for materials. And time, of course.

What about placing small fencing around your gardens? Instead of one big fence, smaller fencing around plants?

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Toni, where I am it's GMT +9:30 (London at midnight, it's 9:30AM here). The distinction between Kangaroos, Wallabies and Wallaroos is rather blurry. Generally Kangaroos are large, Wallabies small and Wallaroos in between. The one at my place is the Agile Wallaby, Macropus agilis. They're nicknamed "Fragile Wallaby" because of their habit of jumping out in front of cars and proving how fragile they are. I've got lots of plants surrounded by wire cages now but it's becoming impossible to keep that up for my ever increasing number of plants. Definitely wouldn't hire people to put up a fence for me, I'll be flat out just trying to pay for the materials. But I'll get there. I like having the Wallabies around, just not in the garden. But other people have dogs that chase them away, so my place is ideal. And besides, with all my gardens there's always something delicious on the menu, LOL.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Wallaroos = wallabies wearing Underoos!

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After a google search I couldn't find any underoos that featured a roo as it's template.

I never had underoos as a kid but I imagine Purp had a pair of wonder woman...Did I guess right Purp?

Hi Tropic,..Just saying thanks again for your presence here on the forum. It sure is great having people here from down under. Silly americans like me need a dose of wallaby from time to time to remind them how super cool other parts of the world are...especially when we are talking about your neck of the woods. Never been there,but everything I know about the place is so awesome...maybe Purp could fly me over in her invisible jet? ;)

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Tropic. Wallaby, Kangaroo and Wallaroo. Cool.
So, I guess if you see one of the three you'd be able distinguish which is which is which by size??? ")

Oh said, Fragile Wallaby's jump in front of cars prooving how fragile they are. I hope you don't mean what I think you do....

What is the speed limit on highways, roads, etc?

I'm a tad confused. Are you in England or Australia? If you'd rather not say I understand.

What is the main dog breed there? Ex. Shih tzu = China, Irish Wolfhound = Ireland, English Mastiff = England.
I don't know Australia's pup, if you happen to live there.
Might be a silly question...guess it's similiar to asking your countries state flower. :)

As for fencing, perhaps you can fence small plants or wildlife favorites?? Know what I mean?

Think I'd start with Calatheas..

Hey, place a sign in your garden, 'No Wallaby's'. Maybe they'll honor your rules.

Tropic, are you still adding plants? Which types? What about trees?

Purple, LOL

Howdy Asleep. You're so right!!!

MLGFlowers. We didn't forget you. :)

Did you cut down the Cals or let them be? Toni

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Purple, I've never heard of underoos before, must google it when I get a chance.

Asleep, thanks for those coments. Wallabies are nice, but like any wild animal they wanna do what they wanna do, and not try to please you like a dog would.

Toni, it's more complicated than just size, it's more just convention when you think about all of them. But the common names adopted sometimes come out differently. I'm in Australia, I referred to London because it's on GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) and we're GMT +9:30. We have pretty much all the dog breeds here, but 2 breeds that originated here are the Blue Heelers and Kelpies. There's also a native dog, the Dingo, although it's believed to have been brought here by the indigenous people a long time back and has naturalised. But on the calatheas, I keep spreading out with the garden with all sorts of plants including trees. The calatheas are in a shaded part with good tree canopy. That gives them reasonable light and maintains some humidity when the air is mostly dry during the dry season. So generally it's an ideal spot for them, other than the hungry mouths. The leaves are coming back after their "trimming", but I'm a bit worried that so are the "trimmers".

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To Purple. Do you recall this line? 'Spoken with an
English/Australian accent.'

The Dingo ate your baby!!! :)

Tropic. I get the time now.

I've never heard of Blue Heelers or Kelpies, but will Google both. Actually, Kelpie sounds familar.

Lol, to the trimmer comment.

Your Cals sound like they're in an ideal spot.

There must be a way to keep wildlife away. What about thin netting?
Can you stake all sides, then place a thin layer of net on top?

Cut holes around tree trunks or larger plants..

Is there a non-toxic spice wildlife dislike? Something that will deter them from inviting themselves in your garden?

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