Working in My Secret Garden ...need ideas!

jeannespinesMay 7, 2012

Been working in my Secret Garden Log Swing area ... the prairie plants are growing...everything is looking like late Spring/early Summer!

I had transplanted some Hosta's in the Pines ...thought the deer could eat those as they wander thru's path w/whiskey barrel rings made into a 'sphere''kids just roll it around when they come!

Trying to do a new garden in the Secret Garden...the bit white pines have grown so much that my garden isn't hidden very earlier in the yr (during our nice Winter), my DH & I hooked up the old claw tub & dragged it out there...I've added to it a bit ...Willow easel & frame, a metal thingy, an old log I want to plant something with heighth it will camoflauge better!

Those ferns are getting moved to the ground! I don't want to stack any rock in this the pine needles ...dont' like slinkey creatures that like to hide under rocks! ;-)

Here's the can see the shutter birdhouse thru the frame:

That cement leaf stone I bought from a place last yr on a day trip...I love that guy's works! Also the Hosta's I planted in the Fall here, too...they survived, so far!

I need ideas for easy plantings here that will help camoflauge (so I can't see my house in the distance) now that the White Pines have bare branches down low. Very shady & I have to haul water out here...any ideas, anyone? I'm thinking of a sculpture or see-thru Willow fence or something...what would you do? Thanks! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

What about some sort of fencing like the willow fence or a brown lattice type with some ornamental grasses in front? Maybe some zebra's tough as nails and has nice foliage. We cut ours down in the early spring. It gets about six feet tall and spreads over time. It has nice winter interest too.

Love your Secret Garden area...nice and serene.

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cnm1(6 Oh)

That is so nice. I LOVE the willow easel - did you make that? That is a long way to haul a cast iron tub - do you have farm equipment to help. I dream of hauling my old soapstone utility sink to my garden - then reality hits.
I agree with the ornamental grasses - they are pretty tough; for something faster willow fencing or even old shutters would be really nice

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

The whole area is so lovely and serene!
Can you grow plume poppies down there? I've always wanted to try but don't have the space. They are not a poppy really.
Have fun!

Here is a link that might be useful: Plume poppy

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so funny! i too have (or have in the works) a "secret garden" so i had to read this post and it seems very similar (in idea/location) as mine. I have a long back yard and then a row of white pines (huge ones with no low hanging branches though) and behind them is the garden, complete with a huge swing, hostas, bird feeders (and a lot of plans!) we plan on putting up an inexpensive fence and ivy.

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What an awesome place. i like the idea of using old shutters, or maybe you can score a screen divider? Pampas grass will do okay there. I love when they blow in the breeze. Keep up the great work. Thanks for sharing.


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cnm1(6 Oh)

I also saw a divider in a garden made with old doors hanging from a frame of 4x4s. That could work too. They were painted great colors

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Thanks, GJers...
I do have some variety of 'grasses' in a sunny garden...most all of the grasses need 6 hrs or more or 'full sun' they won't work there, I wish! I don't have Pampas grass but mostly around here people grow it in full sun in ditches. It is a very pretty grass!

Old shutters is an idea..thanks ... & old doors...I do have a door arbor nearby probably wouldn't use more...but the idea is cool!

Plume poppies look pretty cool! I've never heard nor seen of them...but am going to do some more research...maybe invasive it sound like tho?

Thanks for the feedback, GJers! I'll post more on this link when I figure out exactly what I am going to do. Jeanne S.

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I can't suggest anything since you live in a zone so far from me but your garden is cool.

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My suggestion is -- invite me over & we can enjoy your "secret place " ! :)

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The willow frame is just lovely. All I see is it needs a touch of color. Nice place though.

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Jeanne, I love your secret garden. I have a thought, but don't know how good it is. I was thinking of a large frame with chicken wire attached and then you could hang stars, moons, metal flowers or other sculptures on it. Greenery could be planted at the bottom.

I also like to see different sized windows hung on a frame to form a dividing space.

I am just meandering here. Marylee

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This is what I ended up using at the clawfoot bathtub on the path in the pines to my Secret Garden...a corner trellis...I spotted it at Lowes (chained to a rack...folded in half so it wouldn't tip over)...last got it on sale & I really like the looks of it!

Kept trying to think of what I wanted to hang in it ... & then ** rainchain!!! DH wouldn't hang it from the house with new siding last yr so it was just hanging in my garden shed...DH took out a few links for me & I love it here! A close-up shot:

Plants are growing slow in the tub...I put some Astible, Bears Breech, Varigated Solomen's Seal & a Coral Bell. Would like something to climb up the trellis...but it needs to be a shady plant (& not invasive!)

I'm pleased with this tho & things are really growing in the Secret Garden! But I thank you for all your ideas! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

BEAUTIFUL Jeanne! Love the trellis and the rain chain was the perfect choice! It's going to look especially lovely when the plants fill in. Your secret garden is just gorgeous.

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A very restful area. I can see sitting there with a book. Your tub and rain chains are magical. TYFS. Jlily

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Glad you found just the right thing to "hide" your secret garden from the world! It will be great fun for the GKs when plants fill in & maybe climb up the trellis a bit so they can hide in their secret place & dream...... The rain chains are the perfect center, I really like them there! Jan

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LOL @sunnycal ...about gr'kids climbing trellis..nope, not that sturdy! Ha! Ha! But the gr'kids love the 'hopping stumps' in my Secret Garden...behind the log swing & the prairie plants ...the first row of stumps have rotted (so I just plant in them)...& the gr'kids were here on Sun for Father's Day...they 'hopped' along the stump trail here! (pic from a rainy day in May) Plants are much taller now & some bloomin'! ;-)

Thanks, GJers! Jeanne s.

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I LOVE that trellis!!!! Perfection!

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