red brick path

oldcrafty(8)May 24, 2011

WHAT was I thinking!?!?!?! Yippee... no more loose rocks. I had stepping stones surrounded by loose white rocks. I like the look but hated having to always pick rocks out of the grass before mowing. We are about to tear down my moms house and sell the land and I wasn't about to let those bricks get left there. So one by one I pried them up, loaded them up and brought them home with me. Now the chore of getting them laid and the temps are getting in the 90's I better finish fast! If anyone has any ideas as to parts of the house I can salvage and what I can do with them....please share your ideas.

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I would salvage any 'woodwork' molding, baseboards, light fixtures, door knobs, hinges, etc...they are so wonderful to use on birdhouses! Your brick path will be BEAUTIFUL! Nice save! Jeanne S.

Light fixture:

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Ditto what Jeanne said. I'd probably be hauling 90% of what was being torn down, LOL. But those bricks would have been the FIRST thing for sure.

Have fun, don't kill your back, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you get and what you do with it.
hugs, Karen

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Love the bricks, looks like some have writing on them!! Glass doorknobs, fireplace mantel & slate by it,(use in garden)old windows or small doors, screen doors or doors for arbors or use several items, windows,doors to make a greenhouse to remember mom by. Looks like you will be busy for a while with that walk! Old wood tables or benches for potting bench or "Place in garden " Old sink for water feature. Metal or wooden lawn furniture. Old iron or brass beds for fencing.Grates that are decorative are nice too. Jan

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Oh, some kind of pine flooring is very valuable I can't remember what it is called & any stained glass windows are very valuable!Post at bottom of staircase? Garden gate to put in your garden? Did you check out basement with good flashlight to be sure nothing treasured there? Jan

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Is there an address plate on the house or house numbers? I have the plate from the house I grew up in. It hangs right above my back door.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

The brick path will be wonderful.
Are there enough hours in the day? Probably almost everything at your mom's ol dhouse has a junker use!


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Marlene Kindred

Looks like you've got your work cut out for you....the brick pathway is looking great! Ditto on everyone's suggestions too. Oh and did the house have lightning rods? Those are awesome too.

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chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)

Salvage everything and anything, you will find a use for it. I met a man who's son had tore down a 100 year old house and decided he didn't want the wood and had it in a pile to burn.........Yikes!! DH and I loaded our pickup till the tires were almost flat. Plus I bought the tin roofing from that house. We have built a three sided barn for the horse, a chicken coop and what was left we used to build an extention on the woodshed............I never, N E V E R throw out a piece of wood. You just never know.

Strip that house till there's nothing left and you will be amazed at all the goodies you will have.

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I'm dying laughing at the picture in my head --- a bunch of GJ'ers just totally stripping down a house with lightning speed !!!


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I can see that picture too! LOL

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chelcass - that reminds me of a mortgage burning party I went to a couple years ago. There was a huge bonfire and piles of wood. It was dark when I got there so I didn't get to see what was in the pile. That is probably for the best. But I did see a gorgeous barn door in flames, and I saw a long scalloped piece of hardwood being used to stir the flames. I shouted NOOOO! and rescued the scalloped wood. When the home owner saw my distress she gave me a small white picket gate to make me feel better. lol. The gate is in my garden and the scalloped piece is now running along my stairs.

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chevy57red(3/4 MN)

Salvage, salvage, salvage!!

Love the bricks!!

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My back hurts just thinking about that brick. It will be beautiful when you're done.

As for salvage: SAVE THE CABINETS. They are the base of so many wonderful projects and they make good storage for all the other goodies too!

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Yep......I can just see all of you getting a house tearring down invitation......It would read....bringing a sack luch, I'll furnish the tea.....come early and stay late.....and don't forget to bring a BIG trailer and your work tools! Bet I'd find a few camped out on the steps bright and early...just a waitin'.

Thanks to all for all your suggestions. I have several things on my list to salvage now that I hadn't thought of before. Sad to say a couple of years ago the old barn came down and was all hauled off.....I'm still crying over that.

The brick path is about 2/3's finished. Can't start working on it till aftr 6:30 in the evenings, gotta wait for shade. Yesterday it was 93 and I don't work well when it's that hot!

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"...I can just see all of you getting a house tearring down invitation..."
Crafty, do you have any idea how FAST that house would come down if sent out those invitations? LOL, there's be nothing left but the foundation!! If that.

hugs, Karen

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Don't forget the windows. I would come help you if you lived in Texas and not too far from me. I have to put out hay tomorrow tho, LOL. I agree, if you have the room, save every scrap of wood that you can. If the house is 80 years or older that old growth wood is hard to beat. You may think you don't need it now but a day will come that you will. You could build you a cute little garden shed or getaway!

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The brick path is looking great! I can't think of any more suggestions that haven't already been made regarding salvaging the house except look for copper piping or even brass fittings. If you don't use it in the garden, you can still get a good price for it as salvage.

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