my spider plant - pic-- i hope

Lamora(4)October 6, 2011

Ok I havnet been on a while, but Hi to all! Anyway, thought I would try to let you see my spider plant again. good shot of the "sprouts" that i am not sure are babie spiders or not. Can someone tell me? they dont look like what I think they should. How do i start them off? (If i wanted to?) I see no roots.

Any advice?

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lol-- sooo BIG!! didnt think the pic would come out this big, but good shot of the shoots tho :)

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Hithere. Looks good!

At the tip of the new branch, the baby will make roots eventually. It just hasn't had time to make roots yet. About halfway up there are 2 tips that should grow longer and make little white flowers. More babies could develop on those branches too.

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Thanks! was hoping for something like that. Never had a spidy plant b4, new to me.:) So it just isnt finished growing yet?

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Congrats on embedding a picture Lamora!

Purple is right - just give those strands a while & you'll see baby plantlets (likely several per strand), and probably some flowers... once the plantlets begin to grow roots you can position them over pots of their own & they'll root into the soil, or you can clip them off & root them - it doesn't take long for those little roots to "wake up" & get going once they've got something to grow in! Or, don't clip them off at all!


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Thanks so much! like i said- this is new for me, I'm pretty excited! Learning something new! I just wasnt sure of what to look for, but this is pretty kool! Thanks for all the advice while i had my finger on the "panic button" for a while. It really does look better now. :)

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Lamora. Your Spider looks fine. Often, more than one shoot sprouts. Spider Plants look great when hanging or placed on a semi-tall stand.
Instead of clipping, why not keep the off-shoots on until babies are large?
There's nothing prettier than a Spider Plant surrounded by hanging shoots. Toni

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

I was too lazy to do it yesterday, but here are some pics I just took:

This is one "branch of babies" (I'm sure there's a technical term for this thing that I just don't know.) Your branch should look like this in time.

Plant with a bunch'o'babies attached.

Close-up of roots on a baby. When they look like this, they are ready to be separated from mama if you want to do that. Personally, I prefer to separate babies in the spring but that's just because the last thing I want to do right now is increase the number of potted plants I have. These spider plants may get put in the ground for the winter since they would survive fine that way. I like having them in the house to look at though, and they are excellent "air cleaning plants." It all depends on how much space I have left after taking cuttings of coleus and persian shield.

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now i know what im looking for anyway-- thanks. My DH says we are going to plant them. like it is HIS TO PLANT!! lol-- I thinks we are going to go in circles with this one, I like the babies hanging! but we will see. they have a ways to go then from what i see. Winter is on the way. Will they go into a "dormant" (sp?) state, not grow so much? I know some plants go to sleep in winter. was just wondering how fast do the babies grow.
yes-- more questions-- i know-- :)

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Purple, look at all the babies!!! Looks great. Don't you feel bad removing them? lol.
I let mine get huge. Yes, some die, but I really don't want duplicates...then again, I dread tossing plants. sigh.

Lamora. Asking questions is one way to learn. After many years growing plants, I'm still learning. Toni

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

One compromise would be to give DH the first few babies to start his own plant to tend however he sees fit. I usually put 2-4 together in a pot. It's understandable that anyone might want to remove a few babies to have more plants even if it means that it takes a little longer to have a plant with a bunch of babies hanging off of it. One good thing about separating a few babies to their own pot is that those babies usually send out a shoot of flowers with a baby at the end as soon as the roots have developed in the soil.

Spider plants don't go dormant in the house, and can send out new shoots of babies and flowers any time of the year. The more light it has, the faster it will do its' thing.

Hi Toni! I don't feel bad at all about removing the babies when I want more plants. Almost all of those grew this spring. There will be another crop next year. The individual branches don't seem to stay healthy more than about a year. They start to turn yellow and the mama seems invigorated when these are removed, usually quickly sending out replacements, kind of like deadheading, sends signals to the plant to make more reproductive efforts. I also think the branch can get heavy enough to create a pressure point at the edge of the pot, impeding the flow between mama and baby.

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Purple, one problem for me is space. 300-400 plants is a lot to care for, which is one reason I don't need or want duplicates.
My oldest plant, which happenes to be a Spider was purchased 1972/3. I really should take better care of the old guy, so it usually 'does its own thing.' lol. I love when it has several off-shoots though.

It'd be different if I sold shoots, but there's so many mature Spiders around, who'd want to buy babies?

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