Planting challots? spring or fall

yugoslavaNovember 4, 2012

Is it like planting garlic?

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Generally yes. Depends somewhat on variety. Mine did well when treated like garlic, harvest window was different in summer but you'll see for yourself when they are ready to harvest. Watch drainage, they will rot in soggy soil.

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Supposedly the answer is yes, plant them in fall, but my experience (and that of many others) is that unless the shallots are ready to break dormancy, they will rot rather than grow. My shallots are not ready to break dormancy until late winter, so I wait until first thing in spring (March) to plant them. I have even better luck with seed-sown shallots started indoors in January.

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bart1(6/7 Northern VA)

I planted some shallots with my garlic last fall (a year ago), and then more in the early spring. There was only one week difference in the harvest time! This year I didn't plant any in the fall.

I've been doing a bit of succession planting with shallots lately. I planted an early spring crop, an early summer crop and an early fall crop. The fall crop is still going strong (no sign of die back yet) but we have a chance of snow in a few days so that might change things!

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bart -- when you plant fall shallots, are you planting bulbs or seeds?

I was really impressed that when we did a tally of what people still had in fresh storage in April, that shallots was on the list, so I wanted to try them this year.
A farmer in Maine I tried to get the bulbs from kept refusing, saying I'd do so much better with seeds that she wouldn't even want me to try with bulbs. So . .January for the seeds, huh? She did give me a seed flower.

Thanks for the info, everyone! Exciting to try something new.

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I started Shallots from seed in August, and put them out late in September or October sometime I think it was. They are small seedlings right now. I hope they last through the Winter.

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