repotting money trees

haeclarkOctober 16, 2006

I just bought a money tree last week. I hear they like to be root how do I tell when to repot it without it getting sick?

Is this soil good to use for it: 1-part sterilized soil, 1-part peat moss, bark, or leaf mold, and 1-part coarse sand or perlite. Or is there a diff kind of soil that would be better?

Okay, I know that when watering it, I need to saok it until water start to come out at the bottum, then I let it dry out. But how deep should it dry out in the soil before re-watering? Compleatly? Acouple inches? I heard about a chopstick meathod where you re-water when the stick becomes dry...but it was unclear as to wheither the stick should stay in during re0watering or if it had to be taken out and soaked.

Dose it need or like fertilizer...and if so, how oftin should I give it to the plant?

The tree I have now is approx. 8" tall (4" brown trunk and 4" green trunk and branch, not counting the leaves them-selves), and is still in the 4" panterra pot (seems more like 3" or 3.5" at the base though) I bought it in. Is it time for a repot? If so how much larger should I go...just an inch or two?

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Clark, it's true Money trees, (Pachira) likes to dry between waterings. I let mine dry out completely..They also like being potbound..Because of the seasons, I wouldn't repot until next spring. They slow down/go dormant in winter. That also means no feeding..You can put them on fertilizer next spring when you see new growth sprouting.
It took several trees before I learned the secret of growing Money trees..I too would repot and before I knew it, the tree died..My Money Tree is in a 3" clay pot. I use well-draining soil of black soil, sand and perlite. In winter it gets very little water..I water well, but really let it dry out like I would a cactus. In fact, soil hardens. Since I've been growing my money tree like a cactus, it's doing fine. They are slow-growing trees..I like the look of a thick trunk, but to aquire this they need to be cared for like one would a succulent. Toni

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Thanks Tony for all the help/info about the Pachira, ponytail palm, and Dracaena marginata.

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