Help with Areca palm growing indoors

stalasterOctober 12, 2011


First time using this forum and very new in gardening

My problem is a beautiful areca palm tree that i don't seem to be able to keep healthy.

I have it about 3 months now and it keeps dying, leaf by leaf it dries and that doesn't seem to change when i change my watering pattern. There are some dots on the base of the branches and i noticed that some of the dead branches when i try to cut them they only need a little pull to come off.

I would appreciate some ideas of what can i do to save it.

I'll try to upload some pics

Thank you

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Welcome, Stalaster..

What type of care have you given your Areca? Light, water, soil, fertilizer and potting?

Arecas do well in medium light. Full sun can burn leaves.
Soil should dry between waterings; never keep soggy.

They don't need much fertilizer..3 times a year is sufficient. Palm fertilizer is number one choice. If you haven't Palm fertilizer, Fish Emulsion is second-best.

Three major problems growing Palms indoors is lack of humidity, stuffy air and Spider Mites.

Spray leaves daily, and shower once a week, if possible. Remove dead leaves.
Place in bright light, direct south or west summer sun is too harsh. Of course, now that autumn is here, most windows, despite direction is okay. But, they do need light.

If it's warm enough, keep your Areca in a room where a window is opened. Stuffy rooms cause all sorts of problems.

Do you have a photo of your palm? Toni

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