Using "Precious" you get "comments" from people???

aussie_mum(3)May 9, 2013

I've made a few totems and used some crystal bowls and vases and a lovely red vase in my latest angel totem and I had someone say to me "Oh but you've used a lovely red vase in it"......ummmm....yes, that's the whole point! LOL!

Do you get people who are 'horrified' or 'concerned' that comment on your choice of glassware and how you've used a 'precious' piece of glass.

I tell them that it adds to the beauty and it was an unwanted piece of glass (because I found it at a garage sale or op shop) so have no qualms about using it.

What comments do you get and how do you answer them?

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Although I rarely make comments on this particular forum I do want to say. I am a glass collector and I have seen people on here use some very expensive glass on a totem that just may break. Just because it is at a thrift, junk, etc. store does not mean it is not worth anything. $75.oo for a red square bowl is not cheap and they are very rare. I have acquired many expensive items at said junk shops thrift stores etc. I hope the lady with the Tiffany glass shade will speak up here also. If your glass is royal ruby it may be worth selling it and finding some cheaper glass to put outside, royal ruby was made with real gold and it is worthy of a better environment. This is just my opinion So please don't beat me over the head about it
James in Florida

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I had a comment from one lady about using a vintage piece. However, I had checked it for value and sellability on ebay where I would have listed it if I would have sold it separately. It was going for very little money so I decided to use it. I also use others which aren't of great value as far as I know. Some antique and vintage sites give more value, but I have no use for paying for that type of site with so few items.

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I just say, it's a thing. It's not valuable, unless someone loves it, and in my totems, I love it.
One lady was horrified to find a Nortake (sp?) tea cup-
THINGS, people! Enjoy them what ever they are!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

My answer is that I could put them on a shelf in my house rather than in the garden. Why would that be better?

Its nice to get the money for something very valuable. So I suppose its good to know what you are using. However, garden decoration doesn't have be be cheap!


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I have to agree with mjowest and concretenprimroses. I use quite a bit of vintage/rare glass in my garden art and LOVE it! Just because it's for the garden doesn't mean you HAVE to use junk glass. If it brings you joy to make and look at regardless of the 'type' and supposed 'value' of product you use, I say use it. If people are appalled that you use vintage or precious glass on your totems, tell them they are free to purchase that item and rescue and restore it =) I have used quite a bit of royal ruby glassware and realize it's true value.....but agree with concretenroses again, it can be valuable in someone's cupboard or in their garden....I choose to look at beauty every day =) Good luck =)

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I also have to agree with mjowest, concretenprimroses and desertdove. I love my garden junk and it is priceless to ME. I also almost (not quite, YET!!!) feel like a hoarder because of all the glassware I have stashed in my storeroom. Each piece, humble or valuable as it maybe is priceless to me because I can see it as an art piece for my garden. Beauty and value is in the eye of the beholder! So enjoy ladies enjoy!!!

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Well said, azcactusflower! I couldn't agree more! My garage is FULL of glassware and completed flowers and so is the dining room and living room ;) Have a show tomorrow so I hope I have room enough in the house to make some more. I have found beauty in all of my glassware and that's why I have it....I can see it becoming part of something's value/beauty is in the eye of the beholder indeed! Keep on keep'n on everyone!

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When people tell me I shouldn't use vintage glass in my garden art I simply tell them that they can enjoy having their precious glass in their china cabinet but I enjoy my precious glass every day in my garden.

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Thanks to everyone for your responses. :)

I guess my dilemma is that i don't KNOW what might be valuable and what is 'run-of-the-mill' average glass. So even if I want to avoid using a really valuable piece I wouldn't know where to start in 'spotting' a valuable piece.

I respect the fact that some people will cringe if they see a really valuable piece being used and to a certain extent I would avoid using that piece if I *KNEW* it was valuable.

I also agree with some people here, that I'd like to enjoy the piece rather than have it sit in a cupboard....and some people want to enjoy it in their china cabinet, but I am happy to enjoy it in my garden. Beauty and 'value' are in the eye of the beholder I guess. I have avoided using a couple of teacup and saucer sets because I saw they are fetching a few bucks on ebay but now I don't know what to do with them! I cam not sure if I can be bothered listing them on ebay!

Anyway, thanks for the responses. I'm glad I am not the only one who feels 'Give it a new lease of life and just enjoy it' :)

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Aussie mom ,if you have a piece you don't know anything about , click on "forums" at top left of this page & click on "Antiques & Collectibles forum" & they can tell you if you have a photo, in most cases. If it is marked on bottom include pic of marks as easier to identify. I've told couple of people that I thought they had a valuable piece, BEFORE they did anything with it. Some ladies make money on items they make & others do it for fun. If the Tiffany shade is worth several thousand dollars & lady could use the cash might be smart to find place to sell it or auction house. If it's assembled then I figure they like brilliant/cut glass,red glass etc, or cobalt & if they know worth, might get quite a bit more for that totem. The good glass really shines in the sun! Jan

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I'm happy to read that I'm not the only one who cringes when I see beautiful old crystal, depression glass, and other uncommon glass objects in yard totems. For me, it's not about the [resale] value of the "precious" item -- it's that the item is so beautiful and rare. I see pieces I wish I had for myself! I love crystal and glassware and they just don't make *anything* the way they used to. :(

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I LOVE using my "precious" out in the garden! It can sit on the shelf in my house(collecting dust)...or be seen with the sunshine shining thru it outside where it gets rinsed off by the rain! By these, I mean my colored glass items. If I cherish it in my yard, then so be it! I live outside in the better weather so love to wonder around looking at my garden art! I feel like a genius when I create with my fancy glass, it makes the art piece better cuz I have used a rare and fancy part in it!heh heh! Yes, some people have commented, but usually they say how great it looks! I have a super nice cobalt glass shoe(paid $50!) that I am waiting to find some great pieces to make it a totem...still looking...but when I find enough..YUP, it's being glued and going into the garden!

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When my mom passed away, I took two of her glass items, a low bowl and a vase, both light green. I used them in a totem birdbath. She was a birder and would be so pleased! I don't care whether or not they had value to someone else; they have great value to me. I sit on my porch, watch the birds enjoy them and think of my mom.

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