Starlight Garden Stakes

jeannespinesMay 8, 2009

DH & I made these "starlight" garden stakes for our first day of Farmer's Market this season. First of all, we had 10 white metal rails that we had bought for a home project and then didn't use decided to re-cycle. This is the bottom view...bought greenplastic/rubber fence stakes at Menards and cut them in 12" pieces (they stick into the ground)...a 7 ft. stake costs $3.79:

We had scraps of left-over pcs of wood from deck rails... so DH cut roof angle & drilled hole in bottom for metal rails...I painted and drilled a small faux hole to look like a birdhse...drilled tiny hole in those "glow-in-the-dark" stars & used gold nails to attach...and painted with white & then 2 shades of green. DH made roofs out of scrap lumber:

And here's the full view..some ugly winter kill on the bushes in the background:

These are standing in a small bucket of sand (for display)but I think just one alone will be cute among my flowers!

As we were making these, I was thinking that these white metal rails were reasonable (on sale) for $1.49 ea...maybe they would make a great "flower stem" for "glass flowers!"...and also the green flexible stakes might be of some use for those of you who make glass flowers.

Just wanted to share.... Jeanne S.

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Those are great!
How much do you plan to sell them for?
Wish we had a Menards! I head for there when I go
to Indiana. Lots of good stuff that Lowe's and
Home Depot don't have!
How do the white rails and the green stakes
fit together?

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So-o-o-o-o-o-o terrific!!!!! You and your DH make a great creation team! Love the shape of the white poles. The bird houses were a very creative recycling project.

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TwoMonths(So Calif)

Our ReStore for Habitat for Humanity in Riverside CA had a bin full of stair pieces. I got 5 to use to put bird houses on...may steal your idea if my houses are too large.
Great idea. I even have the little shiny stars sitting on my tv stand from the GS room (too big for those now I guess)

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Love those! Would love to have a few in my own yard! TFS Luvs

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Those are wonderful Jeanne. I'm sure they will be great tucked into the plants in your garden and I am sure they will sell quickly.

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Jeanne I love your birdhouses. Good idea for stakes.

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They are very cute...Good ideal for leftovers...

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The starlightstakes with bird houses are just adorable! What a cute idea. They would look great anywhere in the garden. Jlily

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Very cute!!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Jeanne you are so creative. Love the starlite theme too. And no one else will have these at the FM, you are sure to attract buyers.
I have a wooden baluster/spindle that I wanted to use as plate flower stem but I wasn't sure how to stick it in the ground (didn't want to put the wood in as it would rot.) Now I'll have to check out the fence stakes. Thanks!

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You are always so busy making things!! You and DH are very creative people. I think they are terrific!

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tennesseetrash(7 east tenn)

Jeanne, those would look great solo in your garden! Definitely!

What a great idea with those metal rails .... perfect for the thin birdhouses! And they don't look like metal in the picture, look like wood to me. ~tenderlee

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Delightful, Jeanne! Bet they sell fast. You are so creative and full of cute ideas.

hugs, Karen

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Love your birdhouses, JeanneS! And these can even be seen at night. I bet they would look cute in a garden at night. So when and where is this farmer's market?

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LOVE them! The would be perfect in the moon garden I am wanting to make. GREAT job!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Soo Jeanne! Was the market this weekend? How did it go? Inquiring minds etc.

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Very pretty "junque". I'd love some of those in my garden. Another thing to add to the to-do list!

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Thanks, everyone...we had fun making these "starlight" garden answer your questions:

We put $10 on them...don't know if that is too high or not...figure we have about $3 in will see.

FM was pretty slow (the first one yesterday of the season) was cold, windy & just not a nice day. We didn't sell any of these "starlighters" but we did sell a few recycled t.v. antenna "mini-deco bdhse" that my DH made from scrap wood & a broken tree branch (see below)...we'll try the "starlighters" a few more wks when more people come browsing

You know, with HD TV and satellite dish, we no longer needed an DH took it apart...cut some small logs off a branch & scraps for roof...I drilled a small hole & glued in a bit of pot liner stuff on front & glued pcs. tog....tah dah! (these sold at $4 ea)

nana...the green fence stakes fit inside the white metal rails (each 5/8")...DH pounded them in a bit.

concrete...for wood rails, my DH drills a hole & then adds a metal rod...that way, the wood rail is out of the dirt!

Thanks, GJers, for your comments! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

What cute ideas Jeanne~
Love the starlight garden stakes and the smaller ones too! You are just a birder's delight!

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Like the little antenna birdhouses too! What a cute idea! You and your DH are very creative--and energetic! Drilling a hole and inserting a metal rod is a great idea--will sure make them last longer. Luvs

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jitterbug4756(zone 8)

How cute & how green both of those ideas are. I love the way everyone on here uses recycled stuff to make such wonderful creations.

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What a great idea! I'm sure the weather and it being the first FM of the season had a lot to do with slow sales. these are so darned cute, I can't imagine them not selling! There are so many places you could "plant" one of them!

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You mean those spindles are really metal? How wonderful. I have some wooden ones I want to use, but need to go back and find out what to treat them with so the termites don't get to them.

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