Crazy Lipstick Plant! Anyone know what it's doing?

kfeer(5 high desert Oregon)October 1, 2012

I have had this lipstick plant for years - moved it from Northern VA to central OR and it continues to produce masses of flowers several times a year. It's really long - I've never pruned it, but was planning on it this year just to get some new growth. It just finished flowering a few weeks ago, and now, for the FIRST time EVER, it's doing something strange - from the base of the green cup that the flower comes from, it has a tendril about the same size as the vine coming out!! No leaves on it, about 8 inches long, coming out from the flower base!! Doing this on 4-5 different vines! Any ideas? I don't want to prune those vines back until I have a better idea what's going on!!!


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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Sounds like an aerial root, I believe the plant is an epiphyte, so its quite normal.

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Can you post a picture? Aeschynanthus are epiphytic so it's likely a root. In humid climates they develop more readily. When you say "base of the flower" I think you're talking about where the inflorescence diverges from the vine. In that case it's very likely to be a root. All of my aeschynanthus have small nubs in a similar area that are the start of roots.


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This prompted me to look at mine. It's not doing the same, but boy, does it need repotting! I just haven't even looked at it for the past year at least.

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When you cut it back you can stick the cutting in the soil and they will grow so you will have a larger plant. Or you can root them in their own pot and share the wealth.

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