It's Official....I'm Addicted to Plate Flowers and Totems!!

dollydee(7-MS)May 30, 2010

Okay, so I am a newbie. I am so excited to see that so many enjoy garden junk/art as much as I do. My mom and I are yard sale junkies and love the thrill of the hunt!!

I have looked through so many pictures on here and have been inspired by many of you. So much so, that I recently made 11 plate flowers and 3 totems and have more in the works. Thanks to all who have shared their beautiful creations, I am truely amazed at your talent for repurposing items and saving them from the landfills.

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Those look awesome! So did you use the GESilicone II like a lot? I'm soon going to attempt drilling mine.
Oh, and welcome on boArd. It's addicting I'll agree. Keep scrolling through the pages at the bottom too for older posts and also there is a conversations side to talk about other topics( more personal).
Love, Jules

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They're beautiful!! What did you use for leaves on the flowers and how did you fasten them onto the stems?

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Love your pink/red,white & blue liberty garden area!! I want that chair!! The blue totem looks so nice with pink chair on left & pink/reddish flowers to right & greenery behind it. Makes a very nice setting. Lovely plate flowers & yes I want to know how you did the leaves & what they are made out of & how attached!! Nice work!! Welcome to the junkers forum where "art" happens!Jan

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Thanks for the nice words! I did use GE II. The leaves are plastic coated wire I found at Lowe's. It's in the section with the conduit, like 40 cents a foot. I shaped them then attached with zip ties and before I put the plates on I spray painted the ties and wire, since it was a little lighter shade of green than the pole.

I did discover that it's easier to do with a tool that I use to re-string old dolls. It's a pair of pliers with a rounded opening and I use bull-nose rings to clamp the elastic rope to make a loop. I used it on the ends of the wire to hold the ends together and it was much easier than trying to hold them and zip tie to the pole.

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Hi Dollydee. And Welcome. You sure belong in this gang here. LOL. I love your Lady Liberty, did you make her?
And cobalt totems are a favorite of mine! Nice job on all the plate flowers too. I'm looking forward to seeing more from you.

Do you know about our GJ Inspiration Albums? If not, have fun browsing them!

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: GJ Inspiration Albums

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Lady Liberty was a recent GW find for $15, had to have her!! She was the inspiration piece that started the Americana theme :)

Right now I'm trying to figure out how to mount a wooden American Flag to the top front of the storage shed. I realy don't want to drill holes in it because our Christmas light wire frames are in there and I don't need them getting wet. We do a huge animated display with over 70,000 lights and there are about 60 wire frames in the shed.

Yes, I have been through the GJ Inspiration Albums numerous times...great stuff in there!!!

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Welcome, dollydee! Thanks for sharing your GJ in your lovely gardens! Everything is looking so good! I love your red, white & blue vignette with the little chair & the cobalt blue totem ...and, are those white flowers, impatiens? Looks so pretty in that spot!

You've been busy, woman ...and am glad you shared your creations with us... like the new idea for leaves on the glass flowers. They will look even more beautiful as your canna's (?) grow! My favs are the blue glass ones & the crystal clear one! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Dolly - excellent job by you..all is gorgeous! I love your Liberty angel as well!

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Hi dollybee! your plate flowers are absolutely gorgeous! I love the one with the red center, and your blue ones. I too quickly became a fan of these flowers. Your blue totem caught my eyes rather quickly. It is breathtaking beautiful. I love blue, blue, blue!!!! The green poles and leaves really add to your flowers. Your whole garden is wonderful. I hope my flowers come out as nice.

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Marlene Kindred

Welcome to the junkyard Dolly! Yep, I'd say you are officially addicted! But, it's so much fun, isn't it? Love all of your plate flowers and totems...the leaves are awesome too! And Lady Liberty was a great find...she looks great in your garden! Thanks so much for sharing your creations with us...we LOVE to drool!

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I love it all you did such a great job.

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Thanks for all the nice comments :)

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I also love it all and my favorite is Lady Liberty and the patriotic garden.TFS,and welcome aboard.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Welcome to the club!
Your yard looks great!

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Love your things and glad you joined us.
Be sure to check out the conversations side.....

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Welcome, those are wonderful. You did such a great job with them.

Lots of inspiration there.

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Welcome and great job. Ditto on what everyone said. I really like the way you did your plate flowers, the leaves are great.

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Dollydee, I love your plates! I've just started putting together my first ones and hope they come out as well as yours! Mine, like some of yours, have several plates so there is a lot of weight. Did you use the bent spoon in the pole method to mount yours? I'm searching for any other suggestions that won't scare me because of the weight I'm putting on these. Thanks for your insight!

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Yes, I did use the bent spoon. I used the GEII and stacked them together, then let them cure for 24 hours before flipping them and adding the spoon to the back with the E6000. I let that cure for another 24 hours before placing them in the garden. Mine were heavy as well, but as long as you make sure to press each piece to make good contact and let them cure long enough, they should be fine.

I have really enjoyed mine, it added a lot to my back yard! Good luck, and be sure to post pics so we can all drool :)

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Barbara Kelly

Really cute flowers, and the blue totem? To die for.... Great stuff, love your green leaves and stems.

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Could some one explain the best way to attach the plates to the pole. What is the bent spoon method? I have read bits and pieces but just not sure how it all works, gluing the plates is not a problem, I have made totems before. I would like to try this.

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I think I'm gonna be hooked.............LOVE the plate flowers and totems...........and love garage saling so now I have something else to be looking for!!! My question would be what type of glue is used to make them weather proof and how do you keep them from blowing over in the wind? Looking forward to some helpful hints so I can get started.

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Very nice plate flowers and totems! Thanks for sharing! I read thru the replys- sorry if I missed this.. but what are the "stems" - are they already green? And I really like your "leaf" idea!

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Below is the tutorial I used to create mine. I used GEII for the glass and E6000 to glue the bent metal spoon to plate. Just allow them to cure at least 24 hours. My stems are 1/2 electrical conduit I got at Lowe's, if you ask really nicely, they will cut it for you :) I spray painted mine green, then added the green plastic coated electrical wire for leaves, that were zip tied onto the stem.

Here is a link that might be useful: Plate Flower Tutorial

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jwahlton(9B Kisimee)

I found the green wire and was wondering if you used PVC pipes?

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gardencraze(9b Groveland FL.)

This is my new idea I think I have too much time on hands LOL
They really do look cute

Hugs, Carmen

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