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thatannagirl(8 (houston))October 3, 2011

My future mother-in-law just returned from settling some affairs of her late father, in New Mexico, and she brought with her some sections from an Anthurium. The story she told is as follows:

When her father went into an extended care facility a few years ago, they gave it to him, it has since 'survived.'

When she arrived at his ranch house, he'd passed a week before, the plant was sitting in a bright, south-facing window, and looked crispy from lack of care and water. She let it sit in the kitchen sink full of water for 3 days as she was wrapping some things up. Then she broke it apart and put some parts in her carry-on and some parts in her checked luggage and brought it back here to East Texas.

I have received one of these parts, and I have never had an Anthurium before. Suddenly I find myself trying to play nurse-maid to one.

I began last night, before I knew anything, by putting it in some miracle grow potting mix in an 8 inch pot, using some rocks to keep it from wobbling, and giving it a good soaking to get the dirt all around the roots. Then I started looking online for info on them.

So, I have browsed varied threads on this site re. anthuriums, and found some info, such as: a little ways away from a bright window, well drained soil, don't over water, etc. I think now that it's an Anthurium Andreanum. As I was reading, it seemed to me like I could treat it like I treat my Phal orchids, with which I at least have a strong survival rate. Is this accurate?

I have peat moss, hardwood mulch, gravel and sand that I can mix with my potting mix and I can replant it. If I should, then would you tell me how to mix it up. Also, I'm a little concerned because the tips of the leaves are dark brown and crispy, and the leaves themselves (and the pitiful, solitary spathe) are twisted and deformed... which I actually think is really beautiful, if it weren't likely because of problems. None of the other pictures of anthuriums that I've been able to find have the twistiness.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

She let it sit in the kitchen sink full of water for 3 days... If this wasn't fatal, your plant should survive. I've killed these with overwatering the mostly-peat potting soils the plants came home in, so be careful. BUT I paid for mine, so that puts them at a disadvantage immediately over a free plant. Everyone knows that!

This will sound vague but it should have as much sun as it can handle without getting sunburn. I don't know the TX sun or your latitude, and my experience with these plants was in OH, so hopefully someone closer to you can advise on that. Almost any plant likes direct early-morning sun, so I would start there.

The leaves were probably "mushed" in transit so I wouldn't take their appearance as much of an indicator of the plant's health although your plant looks really good considering what it's just been through. If the cells were actually broken, those leaves are probably unable to recover but new ones should look normal if the plant is happy/healthy.

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