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artisticjenOctober 31, 2013

Last year I spent 5 months in the hospital I survived the stay, but my plants didn't, lol.

I'm disabled and can't drive. I do 95% of my shopping online, I only go out to get groceries once a month.

So replacing my plants has been difficult. I was looking at different places online, but a lot of them are either overpriced or have bad reputations.

I'm simply looking to replace my spider plants and philadendrons. Any suggestions on sites?

I'll deal with the fact that I can't hang plnts in my new apartment later, lol. Have a nice dresser I can put them on.

Thanks in advance.


Off to read the forums some more, so much info.

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I'm sorry about your injury.

Have you checked Ebay? Toni

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

You might try Freecycle or Craig's List in your community. Plus, your grocery store might be a good place to look.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Sorry for your difficulty. I don't know sources for those plants.

But if you have any interest in Sansevierias, pls. see that Forum (next door as it were) as someone is posting Sans. plants she's giving away for just the price of postage.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Yes, that's me, the sans-for-postage person. I also happen to have an extra spider plant, and more than enough heart-leaf Philo vine, if that's the Philo you'd like to replace. So glad to hear you are recovered enough to 'need' some new plants! You're welcome to send me a private if you'd like to talk about a for-postage deal for these plants. Also have Callisia fragrans and some Aglaonemas if you're interested, and a few other odds'n'ends that could all fit together in a medium flat rate USPS box.

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Wow, thank you everyone.

I don't Ebay. I've just had too many problems with them an their sellers.

Purple I just emailed you. If you have something that needs a good home, I'll take it, lol. I use to do exotic bird rescue, now it's plants. At least the plants won't poop on me or chew up the TV remote, lol.


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

LOL, Jen, no doubt! (But Philo vine and Aglaonema might cry, guttation.) Wrote you back!

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Jen, you said you used to do Exotic Bird Rescue.
Were you a volunteer?

10 or so years ago, I was planning on doing the same, but, at the time I worked, plus we had a dog, cat and 9 birds.

I know what you mean about plants not pooping on everything in sight. :)
All but one bird is in heaven, so in the poop department, it's decreased big time. lol.

I'm happy Purple is helping you out.
Come spring, if you're still around GW, I too can send cuttings..It's too cold now. Toni

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Toni-I wasn't a volunteer. It was something my and I did. We took in birds with bahavior problem or had phydical disabilities. At one point we had 26 birds, ranging from a Macaw to Cockatoos to Cockatiels to Lovebirds. If nobody wanted them and they needed a home, we took them. I also did behavioral work with owners and their birds. I had to give it up when I left the ex and became disabled.

I've been around birds my whole life. I love anything with feathers, lol. But I also like long haired kitty cats. ;)

Right now I just have my Pionus. I'm thinking about getting her a

Then again, there's alot of things I want to do but just can't.

See what happens when you get me talking (typing) about birds, lol. I'll stop now.


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Jen, second to plants, I enjoy talking birds. :)
Cats, dogs, too...

You'll be blessed taking in birds w/behavior problems and disabilities. Especially disabilities.

One problem with large birds, such as Macaws..People see blue/gold/red feathered friends at their local pet store..An employee convinces 'x' customer what great pets Macaws make. "He only eats seeds." NOT!
They're not informed macaws screech, require healthy foods, and lots of attention.
The customer goes home with their new feathered friend, then discovers the birds screams its head off..
Wow, he/she has strong lungs. lol

A few months later, 'if that long,' 'x' customer is bored w/their macaw, keeps the poor guy/gal locked in its cage. Ignores..and hears complaints from their EX-neighbor friends.

One reason there's so many abandoned birds. It's sad.

We had a Catalina a little over 21-years. As he aged, he grew violent..and very very possessive.
He grew angry when I talked to our son.

Long story, but I had to find a home for our guy. He was surgically sexed, so we knew he was male.
A lone man wanted a macaw for years, so we gave Zelda, 'long story about his name,' to the man. No charge.
We kept in touch, but he's now living in another state..With Zelda.

Point is...When we went to the pet store, I intended to buy a Cockatiels.
While looking at birds, Zelda jumped on my shoulder and said, 'Hello.' I was in awe! :)

An employee hurried over...gotta make $..
He said, all this bird needs is bird seed and apples.
At the time I had no idea, apple seeds contained cyanide.
Thankfully, instead of giving Zelda the entire apple, I peeled and cored.
People are such lying idiots!

Sorry, I could go on and on, but better stop.. lol.

What type of friend are you considering...for your Pionus.


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