Iron pieces...Ideas?

kirkus(5a)May 19, 2010

Hi everyone! I found these iron pieces at our favorite country thrift store this weekend...VERY cheap prices! They're SUPER heavy! We haunt this thrift much that they call us their BEST customers! :o) Anyway, do you have ideas as to what we could do with these pieces? I love rusty items...someone at work said I should de-rust them...OH NO! :o) I'm pondering but thought I could get ideas from my garden junk friends! (To give you ideas of size...the big piece is 2 feet long and the little piece is about a foot long.) Bear Hugs! Kirk

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Not sure what you should do with them but I sure love them!

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Seem like the 1st 1 should be mounted on a post & then 2 highest scallops should have some beaded wind chimes or rusty bells hanging down. 2nd 1 says it belongs on a door or on wall beside it. Jan

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

super beautiful! No ideas I would just walk around the property and try them here and there and get a feel for them.Maybe they will tell YOU where they want to be.

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Wow, Kirk, great finds! Of course, the smaller one is calling for a place on a barnwood birdhouse...mounted horizontally over birdhouse hole. Or vertically "between" 2 birdhouse holes. Great find!

The larger pc does look like a bracket of some it would look wonderful mounted against the side of something...a post, there any place you could use it near your barrel pond or porch?

Great finds! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Those are great, they have some really nice rust going on. I think they would look great in the corner of a wall (house, fence, whatever) with the little one placed as if it were hanging down from the tip of the large one. It sort of reminds me of a prism. They will be great in whatever you create. Sounds like a great TS.

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Well, I could certainly help you out with this by taking them off you hands!!!lol! But I really like the ideas sunny mentioned, the 2nd one would be great turned into a windchime, with danglies hanging off it and of course the 1st one placed in an arbor...Lovely!!!

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I love wrought iron!
The danglies have my vote too....

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Marlene Kindred

I'm with Jane....I know this friend in VA who would LOVE to take them off of your hands! Those are just beautiful!! LOVE them! If you decide you like the rusty color, you could always spray paint them with the Rustoleum rusty primer paint...seals them, but leaves them rusty color. The large piece looks like it would make a wonderful bracket for a house name or number in your new house...when you build it! Or, you could use it on a post to hang a plant on...kind of like my well bucket post. And the smaller one can be used for all kinds of decorative pieces..birdhouses, feeders, fence decor, gates, etc. You really hit the jackpot with those!

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What is the name of your favorite thrift store? Would love to stop there next time I'm that way.

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Thanks for all of the GREAT ideas!!!! You have me inspired now! I'll post pictures once I do my project! :o) Jewels791, the store is called D & L Treasures. It's on HWY 2, 25 miles north of Spokane near the Elk turn-off. It's been around for about a year. They keep expanding. They just brought in several truck loads of gravel to make a garden area! I love this place! Bear Hugs! Kirk

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shpnquen(z5, IN)

I think the bracket would look awesome at the peak of a house or garden shed & even a birdhouse, if you had one that big. I think the other one would look good as an emblem in the center of a door too. I too like the chime thing or adding little prisms dangling from either of them would be cool - I like bling!

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I have the same idea as sunnyca above. I would use the large peice with the angled edge up and use as a windchime bejeweled with peices hanging down...and use the second piece for a hanging drop piece from the center...and like I said hang down large bejeweled pieces like a sun catcher/wind chime, but oversize. Hope I explained that right. That was the idea that popped into my head at first sight.

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I love those! I have been looking for things like that to mount on the bare side of my studio. Those are gorgeous just the way they are...I think the person at work who suggested you de-rust them needs a lesson or two in garden junk!

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well, I wouldn't hang anything off of them. I would hang them on the wall in my living room! they are gorgeous all by themselves!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

They are beautiful! Definitely don't de-rust. I too thought the bracket should be at the peak or apex of something.

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