This is a corn plant, right?

lme5573October 12, 2012

I've been lurking and reading and finally have a question. I went grocery shopping, and this plant waved it's pretty striped leaves at me, and I just had to take it home. I wasn't sure what it was, but I googled and now I think it's a corn plant (dracaena somethingorother).

I am asking because I had one years ago, and it got brown tips and died. I think this one is very pretty, and I want to make sure I treat it right.

One thing I read was the plant reacts to fluoride and chlorine in the water. I know that's in my city water, and if I let my water sit for a day or two will that be good enough?

I am not sure how often this plant likes water, and I know I will have to mist this winter.

Any other suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks!


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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Yea pretty sure its a Dracaena, nice!

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wow thats gorgeous. The leaves are in nice shape.

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It is in a 4" pot and water dripped out the bottom when I picked it up. I was horrified (since I've been growing Thanksgiving cactus and jades lately) and I took it home and put 2 folded paper towels under it to soak up the water. An old trick from my African Violet days, when I forgot to empty the water dish. But it was only $2.99, how could I refuse?

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They may have just watered it, I have seen so many plants at Big box store shrivel up from no water, as well as rot from to much.

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This is actually a relative of the corn plant. Its called a "warneckei" - no common name that I know of. Dracaena deremensis warneckei (or warneckii). That also looks like a 6" pot you're holding - pots are measured by the diameter across the top. Culture is pretty much the same as for corn plant - in other words, about 90% aerated to the bottom of the pot. If your corn plant got brown tips, it was telling you that it was too wet. Warneckei will show the same if its too wet. Also super tough plants - don't need to mist. Unless you really like to do it, then go ahead.

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If you can get it to flower, the fragrance is beautiful. It drifts around and you can smell it from a long way off.

You can propagate them by placing cuttings in water, until you get a good showing of roots. Then into soil but well drained.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Fluoride does not evaporate as chlorine will. If you are concerned about fluoride levels, you'll need to use distilled water or a bottled water product labeled as fluoride free. Dracaena warneckii cultivars are purported to be quite sensitive to fluorine, by the way. If you make or amend your potting mix, please know that perlite can contain enough fluoride to be a problem. Rinsing it carefully before use can help.

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Thank you ficuswrangler for the correct name, and for the info about brown tips. I tend to water too much, and I'll have to be careful.
tropicbreezent, I wasn't sure how to propagate it, and I hope I'm lucky enough to get some flowers someday.
And the info about fluoride and perlite is invaluable, rhizo_1. I'll be sure to rinse, but with bottled water, not tap.
Yeah! Thanks everybody!

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

If the soil is too wet either stand it on paper towel or roll up a tissue to make a wick and insert it into a drainage hole. Itll wick out excess water and improve humidity.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

lme, be sure to read the label on the bottled water product you purchase. Many, of not most, bottled waters are just someone else's tap water.

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