Wandering Jew almost died on me :(

Lamora(4)October 8, 2012

Hi All, I almost killed my pretty plant that my DH got me a while back.. almost. It was hanging up, it has a chain attached to the pot, so I asked my brother to take it down for me so I could water it~~ what does he do? he puts it on the floor and lays the chain ON TOP OF IT~ got the chain all tangled up! I asked him to hold the pot so I could get the chain back in place, by this time it was really a mess. HE TOOK SOME VINES AND FLIPPED THEM TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE POT!! Broke almost all the vines!! I was ready to KILL!!

So I put the ones I could in the pot and waited for them to recover/root~~ they didn't. They were dying one by one. The ones I could tell that were still good are now in a glass of water to root. So out of that nice full plant, I have only a few little vines with a few leaves on them. So far only one of the larger vines are dying in the water. :(

I actually have some in my little fish bowl and my Betta loves them! They are rooting real nice~ :)

I am coming to find out that for me, myself and I, I have a hard time "soil rooting" plants. I don't know why, but rooting in water seems to be the best thing for me. Not sure what I m doing wrong with soil rooting. Cactus and succluants being the exception.

Moral of story~ don't ask someone to help you do something that they don't have a clue of how to do it! I know he meant well, but that was just careless, and this was right after I told him how delicate it was... Different brother btw..

Marjie~ Hoping for a recovery soon :)

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Awww, this is a bummer. I remember it looked good not long ago. Could you show some new pics? If it touches soil, it should make roots and grow, usually with only 1 or 2 lost leaves, if any. I think it's staying too wet (since I know you wouldn't let it get too bone dry) and not getting enough light.

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