My first plate flowers

DortMay 21, 2011

So, today I made my very first plate flowers. I bought one last year at a craft show and LOVED it and knew I had to make more. My flowers are drilled (because that's how the one I bought was done) and I broke 3 out of 12 glass items while drilling. One was a gorgeous purple bowl I paid $4 for. =( So I like the way they turned out but wanted to research other ways to attach the plates to each other and found this incredible site! This is just what I need. A junkers support group! My flowers have no stems yet because I can't make up my mind what to use. The one I bought is on copper with copper leaves. Very classy.

Image link:

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Both are gorgeous but I'm lovin' the purple one! Very unusual.

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I love the deep purple 1 too! Other one is nice but when I buy plants I always end up bringing home a purple 1. Oh today I saw a yard I just loved not far from my place. All low borders were blueish-purple Ajuga with Oriental poppies in all colors every so often & some other flowers,I'll have to take a pic. Each bed was at least 4 ft wide. & traveled pretty much around front yard. Large palms were close to front door. Very different from most homes. I think the builder did the yards or they all got same landscaper as the 3 houses on the block seemed to all have similar yards. Purple is a great color in garden but you need yellow, light pink or white to make it more noticeable.Nice work! Jan

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Very pretty. They will lovely in your garden.

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Good job! They are very beautiful. I love the colors!!

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Look very pretty ... you may find some 'hints' on here so you don't break so much glass. TFS & have fun! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

Oh yeah! LOVE both of them, but the purple one is really beautiful! Welcome to the forum too! We love having new people us more opportunity to drool over new "junque" projects.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Welcome! Your flowers are gorgeous!

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Glad you joined the forum. Both flowers are very pretty but I am droolong big time over the purple one. Hope to see more of your projects in the near future.

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I've gone back and read many posts about people using GE 2 silicone on these flower projects but haven't found anything recent that says how they held up. Anyone have silicone projects that are "old" with the bell hangers? Did they stay together??? =)

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Marlene Kindred

I have some plate flowers that are about four years old now and they've held up very well using the Silicone II. I do, however, bring mine indoors during the winter since in VA, we can have a lot of precip in the winter and I haven't wanted to risk them holding water and breaking.

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Marlene~ Are they attached to their stem by a bell hanger? If no, how were they attached please. Thanks!!!

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Hello all, I'm a new comer and have one simple question for totem makers. I, too, have become addicted to making them. How do you protect them from weedeaters and lawnmowers throwing rocks and limbs?

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Marlene Kindred

Hi Dort~

All of my plate flowers I drilled in the center and put together except for one that I used the Silicone II on. If you search plate flowers on this forum you should find lots of directions and pictures. The latest method is to glue the plate flower to a bend spoon and then put the spoon handle in the pvc or pipe.

Let me know if that isn't clear and I'll see if I can find the thread with pictures.

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Marlene Kindred


Welcome to the forum! As for weedeaters, etc. I've only had one get broken by the weedeater so far and I just replaced the broken vase. I try to put them in a spot where they are a little protected, but my DH is very careful too.

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