attempted to divide stag horn fern, anyone done this?

rosebuddy(z5Ont)October 6, 2013

I have had a stag horn fern which is about 6 years old growing in soil which is how I bought it. Just got too big for its location and read where I could divide it with a sharp knife or saw. I now have one with the original roots, but the rest of it came apart with no roots showing, only the leaves and the fronds. I now have it in a pot of soil with a weight on the fronds to keep it from tipping over.Will this eventually root into the soil? I know they can be grown on a slab of wood, but would like to keep it in a pot since I have had success with keeping it this way.

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I assume you mean the Platycerium bifurcatum. They are an epiphyte (and/or lithophyte) so their natural position is on a tree or rock face. Under the nest leaves there is a rhizome or stem which branches and new plants form at the end of each branch. Each of the sections should have come apart with part of the stem and roots. It's usually quite an easy process and the way most people divide their plants when they get large. The main thing is to keep them moist/humid until they re-establish themselves.

Just earlier this year I bought 2 potted and the roots completely filled the pots. Because I wanted them mounted I had to cut away most of the roots. About 6 months later they're still going reasonably well. They'll really enjoy it when our wet season begins again (soon).

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There should be roots radiating in-between the shields of the offset plants, unless you cut too close to the top portion of the plants containing mostly new growth.

What kind of soil are you using? I know regular potting soil does not spell good for this plant in cultivation for several reasons as it retains too much moisture, accumulates residual fertilizer, bad soil can also be a host for several insects, pathogens which may harm the delicate rhizomes of this fern...

Mounted, I've never faced many problems associated with my ferns and I could use some vertical spots that needed some greens without pressuring concerns because of too little space available.

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