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inger-l(4)October 3, 2010

Got this little beauty today. She`s labeled Hoya, but I can`t believe this is a Hoya...

Close up on the flower

Leaves are about 5 cm long, thick, waxy and succulent. Flower is paper thin and fragile. Notice the orange coloured berry.

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It looks like a Nemathantus, although the flower resembles Begonia. However, there are many Nema species, so it's possible. Toni

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linda_schreiber(z5/6 MI)

I am no expert, but you got me curious. I find that not all Hoyas have the same kind of flower cluster. There are some that have flowers at least a bit like yours. Search Hoya javanika and and Hoya praetorii, and check out their cousins.

your plant really does look like a Hoya. But I could be way off. If you find out what it is, please post it. Would love to know.....

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Your plant could be an XCodonanthe, that is a cross between a Nemanthanus and a Codonanthe. It could also be a Nemanthanus Santa Teresa, but the leaves look wrong for that. This website maybe more help to you, Whatever it is your plant is beautiful. Where did you get it?

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Linda, I Googled both Hoyas you mentioned. BTW, the praetorii's flowers are amazing. They remind me of mini hummingbirds. lol..beautiful.
Checked hoya descriptions. Sites say, H. praetorii has soft leaves. And H javanika is or simiar to H. multiflora, Shooting Star. Common name, ST, fits the bill.
What do you think?
The foliage on Inger's plant looks thick, deep green, no? That's why Nema came to mind.

Frazzled, great possibility.

Its flowers are throwing me off. They really look like begonia blooms. hmm. Just don't know, and yes, it's a beautiful plant. Toni

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Thank you all for responding. Frazzle, you pointed in direction of Codonanthe...

My best guess so far is Codonanthe Gracilis.
Flower has the same shape as streptocarpus, not begonia like. The leaves are thick and deep green, waxy with no hairs.

I bought it at "Plantasjen", a chain garden centre in Norway. I also think it`s beautifull :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Upper right pic

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

I SWEAR I posted an answer on this last night! I can see where one may think the leaves resemble a Hoya, carnosa in particular, but no, sorry, not a Hoya (wich I collect), the flower is wrong for that, even for the less common type Hoya bloom like Multiflora.

I believe this is a Gesneriad of some kind, Sinningia maybe? That's what the bloom suggests to me.

I do see the orange berries but don't know what to make of that. Nice plant, Looks healthy.

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Inger, I'm quite certain that your plant is a Codonanthe (one of the lesser known Gesneriads), and my guess is that its Codonanthe gracilis. The leaves, the flower, the trailing habit and the presence of that little berry clued me in immediately.

It's a wonderful little plant. Enjoy!

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