Strong flower smell but no blooms?

BloomAddictOctober 7, 2013

I have a peperomia isabella plant that hasn't bloomed or formed any buds yet. Recently it started putting out what appear to be stalks that might eventually form blooms. Today I started smelling a strong flower scent that's almost overwhelming. Is that normal for this plant?

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eaga(7a Long Island, NY)

I believe the pale green spikes on your plant show that it is already in bloom. The spikes each contain hundreds of tiny individual flowers. Attractive in my opinion, but not flowery in the conventional sense.

I'm very curious about the aroma. I have seen information on the leaves of peperomia being fragrant, with different aromas depending on the variety. What does it smell like?

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Those white stalks are the flowers. Enjoy the flowers, they should last for a few weeks!


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I would never have guessed! I've been googling it but wasn't turning anything up. It almost smells like roses mixed with another flower. Before I realized what I was smelling I thought I was getting some phantom funeral flower smell. It's really taken off since I brought it home. Thank you for your help!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Are you sure that the fragrance is coming from the Peperomia?

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Yes it's the peperomia. It's the only plant in that area plus it's very strong when I get right down to it. I thought it was supposed to smell more peppery. It's nice just very strong.

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Yea, peperomias form blooms that look like 'rat tails', which I find very interesting. Do you know what type of peperomia you have? I really like yours, the leafs and short blooms are so cute. Also peperomias are not actually 'peppers', so they shouldn't have any peppery type scent...actually I've had quite a few peperomia blooms, especially my peperomia prostrata that blooms a lot all year long except in winter and I have never smelled any type of scent from them, so your very lucky, I'm jealous, I love bloom smells. Lol.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

'Isabella ' is Peperomia hoffmanii. The botanical family of both Peperomia AND black pepper (Piper nigrum) spice is Piperaceae. The tiny seeds are peppery.

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