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greendale(6B)October 8, 2012

It was all started one day in spring last year we went to Home Depot and wondering into the garden center. My then two and half years old daughter saw a pink colored begonia and had to have it. I don't even know were we at the house plant section or the annual section. But anyway the begonia come with us back to our apartment....and died one month later. That's actually within our expection as we always thought flowers (whether they are in pot or cut in water) live just one season. With some online research, we know that plant is begonia and house plant suppose to live years.

But my daughter's love for flowers did not defeated by the accident. This time was a purple colored plant in a 2" pot got from Ikea summer last year. And the tag says "Hymalaya mix", never been able to find out what Hymalaya mix but it brings me to GW house plant forum. I actually do not remember how we find the name (rhoeo spathacea tricolor) of this plant. It kind abused by us as we did not know anything better. It has been in original soil and then potted up with Miracle Grow soil. But it survived and I just repotted it into Gritty Mix two weeks ago.

The next plant we got is a pot of Schefflera arboricola in last winter. Because the pot they were in is too small, they all grow outward and I repotted into gritty mix before I brought them indoor this fall.

In the spring this year, I got a Jade, a TC and a NOID succulent cutting from my friends and coworkers. And I read more in GW. know what is perlite and much later Al's Gritty Mix. (but finding ingredients took a long time, I could not find pine bark fine and have to use rep-bark and it is expensive, now most of my gritty mix just using gran-i-grit and turface). I bought perlite but never thought ask for coase one and never rinsed it. Neverthless, the cuttings are all rooted in the mix of perlite and MG soil. And we are ready to move to our first house this summer. And found out there is a NASA air purifying plants list, been pragmatic or cheap, here are a golden pothoes and peace lily that we got when they are on sale, the golden pothoes are supprisingly doing very well in gritty mix. The peace lily still in original soil. Not sure if it will do well in gritty mix.

Oh, and how can I forgot Sans. Such an easy plant, just sit there and been pretty. And did not know ID a San is a very diffcult task.

And another Schefflera - tree shaped - has to have it.

And a silly spiky garden. I put all the cactus in one pot so that my daughter knows not to touch anything in this pot. And see all the color balls, know who choosed those cactus?

and other succulents that rescues /on sale (99cents each from lowes) that I will post in C&S forum for ID.

Yes. They are cheap common plants that you can find in any big box stores, nothing rare but we still love them.

Thanks for listening.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Oh a Rhoeo, lovely! Known in my old house plant book as Moses in a Basket, lovely plant related to Tradescantia. My daughter would love it!

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Greendale, that is a beautiful plant, the purple against that white pot! Nice.
Now be sure to to go over board and surround it with many other plants now that you are successful!lol

Very nice.


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How wonderful that your little daughter is already into plants, and that her parents are supporting her and learning with her. Hooray for you.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Very, very nice!

(Hi, Mike)!


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Those are some very nice looking plants! Especially love the variegated Scheff tree. Really like the little cactus garden too. Nice!

Getting bit by "the bug" is completely out of your control. Sounds like your daughter has got it too. Maybe you could show her wax Begonias when they sell them again in the spring. Those bloom all year in a pot and should make her happy if she likes them.

Rhoeo has been renamed T. spathacea. So now the proper name is T. spathacea formerly known as Rhoeo spathacea. Don't you just love that?!

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Beautiful, I love the first one especially.

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Dale...when I first read the Subject line, I thought, oh, j/k.

Your plants are doing fantastic. I LOVE the Scheff, but I'm partial to Standards.. Wish my Scheff's were tree shaped. Very lucky find.

Your T spathacea 'Oyster,' not Moses, is so full and colorful.

I also love your succulent/cactus garden. Every succulent lover should have at least one, grafted cactus.

The tall plant w/purple leaves, 'in your c&s dish,' is Euphorbia. Can't see the plant to the left, 'would need a closeup,' but it's 'possibly' another Euphorbia.
Last, the light green succulent in back, without thorns, looks like a young, Euphorbia tirucalli, known as Pencil Cactus, but isn't a true cactus. Just a common name.

Great choices...Toni

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I had some broken stems when I repotted the Rhoeo. I just stick them into the same pot. I can send you some if you like (and if it rooted). Oh, wait you are cross the pond.

Have you moved all you plants to the green house yet? :) Your plants are among the most pretty plants I have ever seen. Yes, We already have a wash list compiled. But do not want to rush in, it feels terrible to let a plant die in our hand - could be better if somebody else with more green-thumb bought it. Next group of plant on our wash list are scented plants. like Osmanthus fragrans, Chinese Perfume Plant and maybe just maybe Gardenia - but never seen them sold in local (except Gardenia - but intimidated by their high maintenance :)

Yes, we had good times doing these stuff together. She likes watering the plant - And I have to clean the mess afterwards. She also ruined the hardwood floor by dragging a pot to location with more light. We were very mad but how can you blame her. We wanted she knows to appreciate the beauty of the mother nature, to be patient and to work hard and enjoy the achievement through tending the plants.

Thank you. I learned a lot from some posts that you originated (about gritty mix) enjoyed looking at your Jade pictures.

We love the Scheff tree too, we thought why did we see this earlier the moment we saw this tree - as we already have a pot of 4 small scheff. And it came home with us.

By the quantity and the exotic of the plants that you are taking care of, I would consider you are the queen of house plant.

Thanks for the encouragement.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

You've done well! :-)


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Great looking trees!!


I also like your first plant (Purple one..) just beautiful!!

Have fun!!

Love it when the kids get into plants and flowers... it is a beautiful feeling!!!

Take Care,


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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Thanks for the offer greendale, but yes Im across the big pond...

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Larry....Often, while browsing online nurseries, I've come across many in UK. Have you checked?

Wish I'd written down the name of one nursery in particular..they had beautiful plants..I was about to, Add To Cart, when I noticed the nursery was in UK, (when the cost was in pounds, not dollars) and didn't ship to the states.

Too bad it's illegal shipping plants from point A to point B. Wonder if it's another scheme government scheme, making $. I've received plants from Thailand which were questionable. The box had 'Gifts' jotted down, not live plants.

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