Lilies Among the Garden Junk or Vice Versa!

jeannespinesJune 19, 2012

In the Fall of '09, I moved my Lilies into a separate garden & planted some more, too ... getting a bit overcrowded but doing great this yr! Blooms galore this week!

Old picket fence gate, repainted birdcage & fence wire wreath.

Backside here is old iron wheel, cream separator (planted Nasturiums in it again) & smiley rock face I made from cement a few yrs back:

Here's a fullview...birdhouses & garage sale turbine...still working & lookin' great! I love watching it spin from afar!

DHubby & I made all the birdhouses but one from recycled barnwood & old wood...still holding up good, too!

Gardens are growing like crazy! I'm doing some more galvanized tub plantings ...but here's a pic of the bottom of the 'tipsy buckets''s doing great!

Hope you've enjoyed my GJ'ing gardens! TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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Your lilies are beautiful, love those orange ones. The lilies compliment the GJ so nicely, makes me homesick(just a little-don't like the winter cold) Your birdhouse village is very inviting looking! Love the soothing colors in the last pic.The blue & gray look so good in the washpan. Jan

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Postcard pretty, as usual! I especially like the first picture. Beautiful! I don't seem to have much luck with lilies. Arlene

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You should submit to a garden junk magazine- I bet you'd be featured!

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I love your lilies. They compliment your GJ arrangements. I think you have my birdcage?? Well--maybe one like it. The colors just pop in your pictures. TYFS Jlily

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I love your gardens, and someday I hope I will
get mine back into shape and it will look as good
as yours! Working on it!!!!!

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Jeanne, everything is absolutely beautiful. Marylee

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Thanks for commenting,'s an early summer heat & humidity has taken a toll...but everything is that is good! Lookin' at the pics, I need a diff 'bird' in that cage...something w/color...will have to keep an eye out! DH & I have been busy this Spring/Summer w/some volunteer work on empty FEMA lots in our nearby small has been flying by! Happy 1st day of Summer tomorrow, June 20th! Jeanne S

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Marlene Kindred

Everything looks beautiful! Lilies are one of my all time favorites too...yours are looking so pretty! Love the vignette with the turbine too..really cool!

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spedigrees z4VT

Jeanne, your lily garden is the perfect complement to your junk collection! I love the turbine, the bird cage, and the smiley face rock! Congratulations for your volunteer work on the FEMA lots.

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Now you've inspired me yet again! I am gonna make a lily bed!!! I still have to build another sphere too....

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The lilies are beautiful and I love the wind turbine and the bird cage.

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