I just ordered * 24 ** --

toomuchglass(5)June 10, 2011


Yep --- 24 !!! LOL *DH loved the one I made with beads & I have 2 more "in the making" ... he gave me the thumbs up to go ahead & order them :)

I'm picturing having my whole front lawn filled with blinged up flamingos for sale. LOL ( XXXing

my fingers I can do it ! )

I have ideas for painting them -- but this certain plastic doesn't take paint very good. I tried Krylon plastic paint ... and Rustoleum Plastic paint ... neither one is really good. It bubbles up in places , and scratches off easily. I found out if I let it cure for about 2 weeks - it's okay. Do you know of any way to speed it up ? I can't sand the plastic flamingo ... but I'm thinking of wiping it down using lacquer thinner. Hopefully , if I do need to paint one , the paint will stick. Any more ideas ???

:) :) :)

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Try rubbing alcohol, it is used on metals before painting as it removes all oils from your fingers that may be on the plastic.I think I used it on glass before painting on it also. Maybe it will work on plastic, be sure it is dry before you attempt to paint it. The alcohol & paint won't mix so just let it dry well & don't touch it except where you have to, like on the legs. Maybe someone else has another idea. Jan

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lindasewandsew(So Cal 9)

I looked up gesso online for outdoor uses. There were forums where they liked it for soft plastics and were also suggestions to use auto paints because many car parts are flexible. It's likely you should sand them no matter what you use. I used the plastic spray paint on GKs watering cans and it chips off when the kids sit or step on them. Linda

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Hmmm, I painted 3 of mine with the Krylon Fusion and then added a coat of clear. They've been out in the yard, mostly in shade but some sun, for a couple of years. Paint has held up good. I occasionally shoot the hose on them to rinse off the AZ Dust too.

hugs, Karen

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I think Kilz primer is the best. I used to use it on glass and ceramic lamps to prepare them for painting or gilding as a base for decoupage. Not sure how it works on plastic, but if I paint my flamingo I think I'm going to kilz it first. Just don't inhale the stuff, open window or even better paint outdoors.

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Where did you buy the flamingos? I want some too! TFS

Thanks much.

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I ordered them online from Home Depot.

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I cant wait to see some more when you're done! They are definitely on my to-do list (which is super long and growing! LOL)

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Max I got mine off eBay. I just bought a pair of pink ones and a pair of white ones (Snowmingos). But some sellers had 'lots' of birds sold by dozen or more. I haven't looked lately but am sure still plenty of flamingos available there and good prices.

hugs, Karen

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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

Would spray primer work?

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I will have to go looking for your house Kathy when you get your flamingos done! That would be a sight! I remember in Cedarburg years ago, they had a fund raiser where they put dozens of flamingos in front of businesses and then the business had to pay the organization to take them away. It was so fun. I can't wait to see what you do with your flock!

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