Help with hollyhock staking

concretenprimroses(4B NH)June 23, 2010

Well i let them get huge again, and they weill bloom soon , just in time to be knocked down by a thunderstorm!

Does anyone have any suggestions? I gotta do something soon.


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My aunt that lived to 109 had them in corner by house, every year, as you drove up. it was pretty protected but So. Dak. gets lot of wind so she had pole at each end with 2 bolts sticking out & she ran the cord we used to wrap around packages for mailing at PO. It was white probably cotton & twisted 2-3 strands thick. Coated wire would work. She had poles cemented in so it kept front row from going over.The bed formed triangle in that corner.

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I save the long handles from garden tools like hoes and rakes for hollyhock stakes. You could also use bamboo poles for this. They need to go into the ground about 18" so the stakes don't get pulled out along with the plants.

Lowes has some green plastic coated metal stakes that come in 6' lengths that work well for hollyhocks. If you use sisal twine and just tie them loosely the plants can still move, but they won't fall down, which is a lot healthier for them than if they are tied tightly. I like the coated metal stakes because they last many years, they're almost invisible when in use and don't take up much storage space in the shed. Cheryl

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Thank you Jan and Cheryl. Your aunt sounds like quite the gardener, Jan! I think I'll try her permanent one for a future project because I love them and don't want to go through this every year. But for now, I know that Bamboo isn't strong enough for these monsters. I like the idea of the coated metal stakes. And I'll keep an eye out for old tool handles, for future as well. I suppose I could put something pretty on the stakes. The flowers are incredible when they bloom, I'll have to post pics.

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crete...mine are blooming now...but still standing...they have a little side anyway, my garden shed...but I usually use dark green string & tie them to whatever I can...the gate by the Tipsy Buckets, fence & I also add old handles or tie to branchy bushes. They are so lovely! Good luck & enjoy! Jeanne

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TwoMonths(So Calif)

try and use a piece of hog wire. Put poles at each corner of the bed. Lay the wire flat and attach to the poles. Then let the hollyhock grow up thru them. One lady used an old chair without a seat to let them grow thru. How about a set of wire springs from a bed leaned against the wall and let them grow up in between the springs. The flowers and growth will cover the supports.

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I wish I had Hollyhocks!!! I have occasional Sunflowers. I had bought some black iron shepards hooks (made to hang a potted plant on if you want one out in the flower bed) on clearance at the end of the season from Hobby Lobby. I also live on the plains of TX and get hard winds. I usually stick the iron down beside the Sunflowers and tie a green or brown ribbon around the bunch. Works great.

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spedigrees z4VT

I love hollyhocks, but the pretty bright colored ones are (or at least used to be) hybrids, so when they came back the second year all the blossoms were an anaemic pastel yellow/cream. I gave up on them because of that. But as far as the wind knocking them down I don't recall a problem. I planted them along the sheltered southern side of our house, and they didn't seem to need support, other than the wall of the house.

Good luck with them. When all goes well, hollyhocks are a beautiful sight!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Just in time cuz I now have one bloom.
I priced the tall plastic coated stakes and at almost $5 each for the thick ones, I'm going to wait for clearance at the end of summer! So I dragged everything that I could possibly use out of the garage and ripped up some rags and started yesterday evening. I have about 10 big clumps with 4 or 5 stems each in 2 different gardens, so its a big task. Next year I'll dig them up and give away before they go so crazy, but I've got them and I'm determinded to have them be beautiful. I know they will fall over because they have in years past. I usually try to stake them when it is too late.
I'm trying something new with that garden hose I have that's no good. I'll let you know how it goes.

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Guess it depends on where you live whether you stake or not.A lot of my neighbors have HH that are at least 7' tall,and there's not a stake to be seen anywhere.They also have beautiful colors of them.Hope to get some seeds when they are ready.

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