kirkus(5a)June 14, 2010

Our neighbors are moving to a warmer climate and were given a moving stipend from his new company. I've helped them and several neighbors plow out their driveways during 2 record snow storm years here in Washington State! Well, they blessed us with items they can't take as they've used up all of their moving stipend.

I am ECSTATIC with the treasures we received for NOTHING!!!! I'll post a few pictures soon! In the meantime, here's the list of items!!!! FREE!!!!!!

1 pair antique snowshoes

1 drop leaf, beautiful, wood, kitchen table

1 old metal watering can (Already using it!)

1 roof snow rake (WE NEED IT!!!!)

1 Pendleton wool blanket!!!

1 Ryobi, like new, weed wacker

1 new Stanley Mitre box in box

1 new portable work light

1 Coleman, Kerosene lantern

1 BIG bag of decorative bark

1 BIG bag of sand

1 BIG bag of ice melt (We need it too!!!)

2 new tomato cages

plant stakes

a heavy, pewterlike milk pitcher

saw horses (I was going to buy some soon!)

2 Bennington pottery bowls

1 Bennington pottery crock

1 pottery bowl with a moose on it

2 serving baskets with cloths

1 countertop, wood fruit basket

1 beautiful handwoven basket

Wow! WOW! WOW!!!!! Lots of ideas for outside and inside uses!!!! They said they donated lots to Goodwill...would have liked to "offer" to take their items to GW!!! Hee hee! We feel sooo spoiled. It's kind of a pay-it-forward reward.

Had to share!!!!! Bear Hugs! Kirk

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Way to go Kirk. We always help our neighbors & they help us ... that's the way it should be. I have to laugh at some of the stuff you got .... they probably couldn't understand the the look on your face as they gave you some of their "junk" !!!

ROFL ....

You have your own personal heaven , Kirk .... no one could ask for more.

As for the "Pay it forward " - I truly believe in that . You've already done it with an exchange with me .... What I couldn't use - I forwarded it to someone who was excited to get it ... it was an awesome feeling.
Don't you wish this was the way the whole world worked ? *sigh*

You stay up there on Cloud 9 as long as you want ... you deserve it ! I couldn't be happier for you !!!

********* BUT --- If you hear Carol calling you --> you bertter get down --- > ........... LOL

Dad is needed - SOMEWHERE ! hehhehe

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WHOPPEE!! Oh boy, I can hear the gears grindin' & will be seeing lots of pics of creative stuff from the Kirk & Carol homestead! Have fun! Jeanne S.

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Wow, what a haul!! You have checked out the GW store haven't you? They might have "gifted" them with a great treasure or 2!! Sounds like lot of quality stuff. Useful stuff too!! Jan

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Marlene Kindred

Wooohooo! I'm sitting here grinning up a storm as I read your list! Great "gifts" all around...I'll bet you and Carol were skipping all the way home! Happy for you...can't wait to see some pix!


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Gotta love free stuff. Be sure and post the pics.

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Get that camera out, Kirk! We wanna SEE!!!

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Sounds wonderful. Very nice of your neighbors! Very nice!

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Wow, Kirk - what a haul! I hope you have room to move it all when you move or we all might just have to come "help" you....

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OH my my what a haul...That's great...What a Blessing...

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