Philodendron Identification!

joeturbo26October 21, 2011

Hello all! While at home depot today, amidst all the plant clutter, this BIG guy, with leaves almost the size of a banana tree, popped out at me!

I mean it looks like a really red "red emerald", which I usually see them as green lol... but its really the size of this one, and the development of what appears to be aroid roots that are shocking and stumping the heck out of me!!

what do you think?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Joe..Your Philo is really nice and very healthy.

Is the leaf on the left side

It could be P. 'Black Cardinal,' but I'm not 100% certain.

Are the leaves firmer than other Philos?

Why not Google, P. Black Cardinal, and P. Prince of Orange.
Leaves are too dark for Moon Light, which have golden foliage.

A new Prince of Orange leaf is orange, then turns green when mature. A Blck Cardinal's new leaf ir Red/black.

The problem with Googling plant pics online is, they post plants with a lot of coloring. Grown is perfect environment, more than likely the plant will have more than 10 orange or red/black, colored leaves. lol.
Growing indoors, chances are a plant might have a handful.

One other thing. Young specimens grow upright. As they mature, they vine. (Not all Philos.) Some start vining at a young age, others when Philos are 1' or taller.

Whichever species, your Philo is doing fantastic. Toni

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