When making garden totems......

sugarchalet(z5OH)June 8, 2010

...do you use a thin line of the sealant, or a pretty thick one? I made my first totem tonight and now I'm second guessing myself on wether or not I used enough sealant. I would hate for it to come apart and fall over and crash glass all over :(

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I always use kind of thick then smooth it out with my finger,that way I know it seals.

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I use a thick line, especially with uneven edges. I smooth away any excess. I don't mind seeing the glue, you hardly notice it once in the garden. So far I have had none of my totems come apart.

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I AGREE with everyone here!
Better safe than sorry.
In fact, with my Garden ladies & some other pieces, I like to first put a nice thick line, smooth it out & then add another line (in the seam) and put a string of pearls or beads. This covers the seam, adds strength AND looks good.

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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

Sugarchalet- It might help if you went over your adhesive with a second coat to reinforce the seal (?)

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Marlene Kindred

Yep, I use a pretty thick ring too and when it squishes out, I just take my finger and smooth it around. But, don't be too hard on yourself...I've had them come apart even with the thick ring...but you can always glue them back together.

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