Best glue for glass garden totems? Also sharing a project :)

sugarchalet(z5OH)June 6, 2010

Hello everyone, my name is Lori and I'm a garden junkie :) I found this message board last week and I've seen so many cool inspirations from all of you. I am really loving the garden totems and I'm sure I could find enough glass things around the house to make one, but I have no idea on what type of glue to use, can someone guide me?

While I'm here I'll share one of my projects with you. I really love fairy's and have them all over my gardens. My aunt gave me this wooden cart to do something with and I ended up making a little fairy garden with it....

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That's adorable!! Did you make the mailbox too? Most of them use GE silicone II for doors & windows(outside)caulk & be sure the glass is very clean, might even want to use rubbing alcohol & then don't touch area where you are going to caulk it together & let totem dry for few days before placing in garden. Others will add to this but in case you are in a hurry. Welcome & great project! Thanks for pic! Jan

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Thanks for sharing your fairy garden cart it is totally cute! I am fairly new here myself and was inspired by the ladies to make a bird bath out of glass. I used the Silicone GE II for it and it's been several weeks in the garden with no problems.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Welcome. Your fairy garden is very cute. I love the way you used the stones.
Make sure you by CLEAR GE silicone II for windows and doors. It comes in colors too which you don't want! You can get it in a small tube for practice. The caulk gun size is more economical if you are making a lot, but the tube goes a long way.

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Welcome to the're an GJ addict, you we are all "enablers" here (well, most of us, anyway)! LOL!

Your cart transformed into a fairy garden...very cute! Love the colors you used on the cart...and the "frog" who is the prince (I assume), guarding the home of the darling princess fairy sitting there.

Good luck with your first totem! TFS! Jeanne S.

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That is such a cute idea .Welcome to the garden!!

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Ooooh! I love that fairy cart! I love miniature and magical things so I say that's a winner!

I'm not a totem maker (yet) but as stated, most people use the GEII silicone caulk for doors and windows. The clear dries clear and will hold up to the elements.

Welcome to a fantastic forum!

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