O.M.G I never realized how good my Goldfish plant did!Pic

meyermike_1micha(5)October 4, 2011

Take a look!

This plant was a 1/4 this size since last winter and keeping under my 'Mimosa' tree all summer had done a lot of good to it. I am so thrilled. It is starting to flower all over the place and has filled out too. It was just a few cuttings less than 4inches long.

Now, where to put it once it comes in? I hung it in front of a window till tomorrow. I love this plant.


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Mike...awww, I'm in Love!!!! :)

It's terrific. Were cuttings rooted when you got them?

Now all you need is a variegated GoldFish/Nematanthus...lol.. Toni

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marquest(z5 PA)

That is beautiful. I killed mine. LOL

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Nice plant, Mike!
It would look right at home next to your pond ;-0


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odyssey3(7 noVA)

Wow, fabulous Mike. Is this in the gritty mix with Foliage Pro as a fertilizer?

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another proof of "Mike's magic touch"...

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Lovely - nice work Mike!!


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Aw! Thanks guys and gals!

The funny thing is that I never paid much attention to this one and it has taken me by surprise! I couldn't believe how much room it took in front of the window compared to spring.
It's funny how much many of our plants just LOVE frolicking outdoors.

It's good to see you all again GB,Izhar.Odyssey,Josh and Toni!

How are things in your part of the world Izhar?

Marquest: I am so sorry to hear of your Mom. My heart was with you when I first heard and it still is my friend. You will be ok. You have us, your family and friends to get you through. Many hugs from my Mom and I.


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Mike, my out door gardening activities are now on peak as i have to prepare the beds for fall season annuals, my beds looked lovely this entire summer:

Learning a lot about the Gardenia here at multiple forums, I tried my hand on it and found it super easy..!!!... I took cuttings, Air-layered it, rejuvenated cholorotic plants into healthy ones.. i got three varieties NOID double, Variegated Double and Tiare.. all are doing great in pots, look at the bottom new growth on this variegated one.. these are July pics, now it is almost doubled in size (no intentions to hijack your thread but wanted to show my accomplishments. :D):

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Are you kidding me Izhar!

What a pleasure to see your progress too let alone your beautiful plants and success! Please let me see somemore?

I have always wanted a Variegated Gardenia and in fact I almost ordered one from Vietnam untill I realize my wallet is not as big as my desire.lol
In fact, it still sits on E-bay as I sit here wanting it more and more.

I just love what you did to your yard. What is the white stuff around the base of your beds? Does it keeps bugs out?
I think your doing a fantastic job.


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By the way, I had no idea you could root branches like this before!

I shall have to try that on a few of my specials, and you know what they are;-)


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Mike, Almost Eden Plants has variegated Gardenias. Very nice, too.

Izhar..Very nice garden. Did you say you air-layered a Gardenia? I didn't know that could be done. Toni

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odyssey3(7 noVA)

I have never seen such big roots from air layering! Impressive! Congratulations on your success. That gardenia also has some of the largest leaves I've seen on a gardenia.

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Mike, just sent you an email.. let me know what you think.. :)
You know Mike a very generous person at GW sent me two seeds of Clivia and from one seed sprouted a variegated one..!!!

That white stuff in the garden is just a lining of Calcium Carbonate around the beds.. no special purpose.. my all albums are public.. feel free to browse them.. :)

Thanks Toni and odyssey3.... these leaves are miniature when it comes to the leaf size of Tiare (Gardenia taitensis) which are as large as my hand...

Another thing is that the pH of our tap water (which I use for watering) has a range of 7.5 - 7.8... you'll be knowing well that Gardenias are acid loving plants so I sprinkle a small amount of Ferrous Sulfate every two weeks to prevent yellow leaves and it is working very nicely..

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Izhar! That is one beautiful leaf! Once that plant grows, you will be amazed at how much pleasure it will bring you. I have a few of these and what I like about them the most is that they take up no prime sunny space in the house or yard.

I just stick them in the cellar where there is barely any light, or dark corners of the house, north facing windows where almost none of my other plants will grow, or the the yard under trees and shrubs. I just love them. I never get bugs on mine either.
I can't even believe that you got one to sprout. I have tried and failed. That is a great job.

Thanks for the info on the white stuff. I like your idea about keeping pH down. Very good idea.

Toni: Thank you for that although they are not as pretty as Izhars! I will hold of on ordering. I saw some on e-bay from Vietnam too, and now those caught my eye. Sometimes I wonder why so many unusual plants are so hard to find here in the U.S.

Hope everyone has a great day today! 82 here today again. I love it.


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