our local habitat for humanity restore

aka_strawberrygoat(PNW-8)June 21, 2010

I just love this store....

yesterday I took two grandkids to build birdhouses for today's father's day...

while there, I bought a sink for $5, that only has a drain hole, no holes for fixtures, so it's perfect for a bird bath..

today I went back and got a patio table and 3 chairs for $5.

it's holding several potted plants.

got a two sided easle for the kids to draw and paint on, for $2

mahogany chair for $2 and free paint.

also got the free wood the boys brought home and immediately made ramps for their small cars, in the front room.

(mom had no say in it...lol)she left me with the boys and grammas will be grammas~

the birdhouses were already cut and put into kits, so it was just a matter of putting them together and finishing them up..

here are a few pictures of the place, with emphasis on sinks, tiles and grouts..

$2.50 per bag that is a huge savings, compared to retail.

and so many old wood frame windows....

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Wow!! We need 1 of those. Some great looking windows there. i thought all the stuff was new, some of sinks look used, do they restore some houses?? Glad the kids got to make birdhouses & ramps for cars!! Bet they like coming to your house!!Jan

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I love our Restore too, although yours looks much bigger and more organized! It's a fun place to go and poke around, and I've found some very cool stuff for really good prices. Hmmm...feeling the need to make a trip there today lol!

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When people have an old house that's being torn down, they can donate to H4H and get a tax writeoff. You can donate sinks, toilets, fixtures, doors, windows, hardwood flooring, bricks, cabinets, stairs, appliances, vintage wood trim, and other archetectural pieces that can be reused. Building contractors also donate unused items and get the tax advantage. That's how they get new stuff like windows, roofing shingles, hinges, and many other things. I love shopping there whenever I have a project. Cheryl

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so many cool things are donated, like Saturday when we were there a dad and his son brought in this really awesome cabinet. We watched them unload it from a cart in back of their truck and the guys in the store got the little carts with wheels, like mechanics use under cars.

later in the day, the boys wanted me to see it..
it was at the end of one of their chalk trails they had been drawing all over the cement floors of the place.
the store provided chalk for all the kids to draw anything they wanted all over the place.

the boys had arrows and lines going toward a "secret hideout".
when I followed their map and got to that cabinet I realized it was the storage cupboard under the bow of a boat.

they had been in and out of it and tried their darndest to talk me into buying that for them.
It was tempting for $20 but I had no idea of where I could put it except under a queen size bed in the spare room that's their room.

but it would have taken some extra building to support the other end of the bed and I just wasn't into that kind of project.

it would surely have been a great place for them to play though.however, they're growing a bit fast and soon it would have been a storage place for me and it's too low to use effectively, so I had to turn it down.

sinks though...it's unlimited for the number of uses..bird baths, outdoor sinks in the garden, or shed or planters or water features..
I have too many already.
I'll pass on the planters out of the urinals..that's where I draw the line..lol

A builder and his wife also brought in a huge assortment of fixtures, while we were there...all new in packages and boxes.

yes, it's a great store and very helpful for the home crafter, builder, or someone just starting out, with limited funds. not to mention the houses being built for families.

several were just finished this past spring for a number of families and our local high school had dozens of students go over and volunteer to lay down the sod for all those yards. all valuable for them for either community service or towards their senior portfolio for college application.

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The Habitat stores in Vancouver WA and Portland OR had lots of chandeliers and lamps parts. They sell the glass shades there for a lot less than GW. I bought several to use in totems for 50 cents each. I also bought a chandelier for $5, took off the electrical and glued teacups on it after painting the center wooden area. It's hit or miss to get good deals on old divided wood windows, but I did find an awesome periwinkle painted cabinet door with a pretty green glass knob on it. I turned it into a shelf out in the garden. So far I'm disappointed in the one store I've been to here in New England. I figured with all the really old houses here that there would be some really cool stuff at the store. There wasn't and the usual stuff there was well over priced in my opinion. This was the store in Portland ME. I'm surprised there aren't more of these stores in this area.

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soonergirl1968(7a OKC)

You have a GREAT HFH store! Our's isn't like that at all in OKC. It's more like retail and pretty much everything is new. Lucky you!

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Your store looks great ! Mine is more of a mess ,but still has awesome prices. I went through the hardware section when I was learning to weld ... lots & lots of cheap metal to practice on .

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Marlene Kindred

We have one, but I've never been there....think I should check it out after seeing all of this!

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Ours is OVERPRICED! So I shop at the recycle depot, or craigslist/kijiji/usednanaimo.

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I went back to the pictures and realized I had take a picture of the corner of that cabinet from the bow of the boat, in the second to last picture, with the large wood framed windows.
it has 4 cabinet doors on it, with a solid top, all nicely sanded and stained. ...I still can't justify buying it though.

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Your "Restore" looks huge, ours is not that large and the prices are really high. I find a good deal there every once in a while, because I shop often. Regular old white globes (used) are $5.00, and a the plainest brass chandeliers are $35.00. I know the money goes for a good cause, but my it's high for my GJ projects. I'll keep checking, sometimes they have great stuff in thier trash pile.

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

Ours is overpriced too!
They put some stuff on Craigs list. Stuffed,ugly furniture ridiculously priced and the wood is worse!

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Our habitat store is less than a mile from my house, but I seldom go, because the prices are so high. I did get some packages of small springs cheap there--I use them for bug antennae.

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greenfreak(Z7 NY)

I heard that the one by me is reasonable but not organized. I should take a ride over and take a look. Thanks for posting. :)

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The one in Milwaukee is kind of over priced especially for windows and doors. It looks similar to yours. Every so often they have a 1/2 off sale and then you can go nuts. I like the tiles, grout and I have picked up little gizmos like cabinet knobs and handles that I think would work well as perches on birdhouses. If I had a yard, I would attempt to make turtles or ladybugs out of hardhats sold there.

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