Peg Leg Peep

tinfoilhatJune 25, 2013

IâÂÂm easily amused (or perhaps a little dinghy) and often my welded critters take on life as IâÂÂm building them. We share stories and history and they come alive on my welding table. I have a big blue box with the words Miller Welding on the side in my garage. With it my welded companions and I can transport to any location and time our fancy takes us. For the last week my new friend and I have sailed salt water seas, drank vast quantities of rum and chased bodacious buxom beauties thru the ports of the Caribbean. We drank daiquiris with Hemingway in Havana.and I arm wrestled him. Watched the full moon rise from the Sea of Cortez and fell asleep to the sound of the wind in the rigging. It was a wonderful week full of scents, sights, sounds, and fish tacos.
My new buddy, Cap'n Peg Leg Peep the Pirate, at the pond


Made from helium balloon tank, fireplace log carrier, and circular saw blades.

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PKponder TX(7b)

Aye Cap'n! Looking good!

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He's adorable !

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Have you thought about publishing a book, with pictures of your buddies and the tale the two of you weave???? love both the tale and thecompanion!!!!!!

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oldgraymare(4 WI)

That is awesome! I just bought a welder and am trying to learn. Not having much luck yet but I will keep trying!

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Wonderful as usual. Gotta love your way of thinking!

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sorie6(6b ok.)

OMG that is just too cool!!

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Marlene Kindred

Oh my goodness....I LOVE CAPT. PEG LEG PEEP!! He is just the coolest thing ever! I love your stories of creation and this little guy looks as though he has some stories to tell! Great job Tinfoilhat! You ROCK!

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I am in awe that you arm wrestled Hemingway! ;-) Capt Peg Leg Peep wonderous adventure should keep you sailing the seas for many yrs to come! Great recycling, imagination & sharing of dreams! Thanks, tinfoil! Another artistic adventure! Jeanne S.

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You 2 have sure been busy, is the water warm in Caribbean this time of year?? Meet up with any pirate ships, hear they are out on the high seas? Yes, you should write up the stories!! He sure is a cute pirate! Jan

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Just got back from Texas to find another awesome creation! LOVE your scurvy bird!! He has that Fu Manchu mustache and that hat is very Pirates of the Caribbean!!!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX(8b)

Ok love the pirate peep, like the story, but wow what a water feature you have there. What is it? A pool, pond, lake? I would love to see more pictures and I noticed many of your creations boarding the waters edge. Great work as usual!

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I posted a couple pictures of the pond a couple years ago if you are interested.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pond pictures

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX(8b)

oh thanks I had never seen those. That looks like a fabulous place, well all except those giant rattlesnakes! Holy smokes!
It sounds like Oscar is part cat or at least shares the 9 lives part. Lucky dog indeed, is he still ruler of the pond?

We had a treed lot next to our property when we lived in Oklahoma, the herons decided to nest there and nearly destroyed it in the process. I was told that they would return to it every year unless something caused them to be startled on the day of return. I became the crazy lady running around the trees banging pot lids together and singing at the top of my lungs! I know the neighbors probably tell that tale still. But it worked! They moved on over a few miles from us, in a much better spot for them near the lake. We were all happy.

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Oscar died the day after I posted that he finally ate something. We took him back to vet because he didnâÂÂt seem to be doing well, the vet said he was fine and he died that night.
I raised Tilapia at a farm out here running irrigation water thru raceways before discharging it out to irrigation ditches for cotton fields. Herons are a protected bird and they know it. I use to fire a shot gun to scare them and all they did was jump and move over 10âÂÂ. One day I threw a rock at one meaning to scare it and hit him, He wobble then fell down and IâÂÂm thinking IâÂÂm going to jail, then he got up and screamed at me. After that day he gave me a wide berth but didnâÂÂt leave.
One morning I found 57 tilapia just lying in the dirt with a nickel size hole in their back. A heron was just stabbing them and throwing them on the bank for fun. I had 70,000 fish and there was one albino in the bunch. I always use to look for him and one day he was gone, the heron or some other critter got him.
Raising tilapia was going to be my ultimate hippy job. Kick back, sit in the shade, grill some burgers, pop a cold beer and throw food in the water, nothing to it.
Wrong again, it was 7 days a week for months. I still list to the left from carrying 50# feed bags over my shoulder. Every timed it stormed I had to get out of bed and make sure the pumps were still running and the ditches werenâÂÂt clogged with tumbleweeds. You can not believe how many eyes are staring at you in the headlight beams at night at a fish farm in the desert. I ainâÂÂt ever gonna do that again.
And now I better get going, itâÂÂs almost 6am and IâÂÂm late feeding my 4 legged critters.

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Enjoyed drooling over your beautiful pond again, thanks for the replay!! Sorry you lost the dog! Bummer! Did you get another to keep you company! Folks raised chinchillas long ago, lots of work there also. Think turkeys are awful too, neighbor lived on turkey farm & had rope going out to the long buildings so he wouldn't get lost in snowstorms, we had lots of those back then.Turkeys require certain temps, lighting etc, can all die if everything not perfect. Actually saved our lives. Car broke down when sudden storm came up.,told guys to hang on to fence to dirt road & wait for it to clear so you could see over to other fence & crawl over to it(stand up, get lost) & go to back of house hanging on to fence, they did, got inside the fence & collapsed about 20-30 ft in. Man was following the rope & noticed 2 " snowcovered bushes" in his yard went over to them & saved them & got his big truck out & came for us. We were all so grateful for turkeys after that!! And the neighbor man!! Jan

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Aaaaar, as fine a lookin' lad as ever sailed the seas, that Peep.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX(8b)

oh no so sorry to hear of Oscars demise. I am sure he is rocking out with the real Jimi Hendrix sharing one of those psychedelic toads! He had a charmed life.

We would go out to our pool daily thinking we could go for a swim, what a silly thought, the herons and their buddies the egrets, had completely taken over the pool and spa and were lounging under the umbrellas. I swear! And what a disgusting mess they left behind.

I had to share your stories and pictures with my husband. He is now a fan. His comment was "I wonder if this guy was a biker in a previous life". We were, he still has 4 Harleys squirreled away in the garage. He could make a lot of the metal art critters with the various collections he has.

Thanks for the update, as always enjoyed it.

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In a former life I flew with the Lafayette Escadrille where I perfected my cocky fighter pilot look. After the war to end all wars ended I raced open wheel cars where I invented what became known as the handsome wind blown driver effect.
In 1966 at age 16 I bought my first bike, a BSA 500 and combined the 2 looks to wow the girls. IâÂÂve been a legend in my own mind ever since. I still ride a motorcycle but as a concession to the older mellower me and creaking joints I have a Corvair powered trike.

The mellower me strumming my 6 sting toilet seat guitar.
STILL a legend in my own mind.

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Absolutely FABULOUS!! I look forward to your creations!!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX(8b)

ahhh haaaa I felt sure we saw evidence of the distinctive biker essence lol

Awesome trike. We have 4 Harleys, mine is a 1950something pan head that is also a trike with 3 speed and reverse. We have a knuckle head, another pan head 2 wheeler, and a Heritage soft tail. We call them our retirement plan. Hubby is highly impressed with the Corvair, great choice. Keep the legend going strong!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Awesome pirate guy creation. I agree about the book!

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