Pothos Transplant Question

dragon49(6 NY)October 1, 2009

I transplanted a Pothos from a cutting. I know that the roots took, as 2 new leaves have formed and are bending towards the sun. However, one of the original leaves, although it looks healthy, is facing downward and not bending towards the sun.

What is wrong? Should I remove that leaf?


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

I suspect nothing's wrong, I'd just ignore it. Likely it'll right itself over time. Just don't keep it in direct sun or fuss w/ it. These plants do best when ignored & neglected.

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I have a huge pothos, it sets away from any direct sunlight, and it grows beautifully. I never have to turn it, some of the leaves face down, some face sideways, it just does it's own thing. And yes, they do thrive on neglect.

The other day my two pugs went racing thru the house, they hit the stand my pothos sits on and tipped it over. (I had just watered it too) I picked it up, shook it off a little bit and sat it back, it was a little stressed looking, but it recovered just fine. I don't think you can hurt theses buggers. . .

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Actually Maid, you CAN hurt these plants, but really only by overwatering, the one SURE way to kill them.

Dragon, I always keep a cup of water-rooting cuttings of Pothos in my bathroom. I used to use them to replenish a big pot I had. Last year the pot died off (after many yrs.), so I've used the cuttings to start a small new pot of them. Once water rooted, I plant them in a small pot of houseplant mix I've made w/ extra perlite or pumice for fast drainage, & leave them alone to get established & I let them dry out well btwn waterings (a MUST for these plants).

Maid's right when she says the leaves can face up, down, sideways or any way they wish, not abnormal, just their way; no worry on that.

Thanks Maid, for supporting me on the best when neglected opinion; I always imagine that folks just don't believe that part.

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i had arooted potho on my bathroom window, thought it looked alittle odd. watered it and came back, it wasn;t
dead, but unhappy . no water.

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