stepping stones or pathway material?

edwena0316(4MN)June 14, 2010

I just put edging and mulch in my front yard (am turning it into cottage garden) and I would like frugal suggestions for pathways/stepping stones the more untraditional and creative the better. I'm not great in the idea department so any help anyone can give is greatly appreciated!TIA

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north40(z3 MN)

In one of my gardens I have a few old heat registers from a very old house (the kind that were on the wall and made of iron). Kind of ornate looking.

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I have seen upside down muffin tins and upsise down bottles sunk into the ground

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I am doing a pathway too, will be interested to suggestions.

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I like the heat register idea in fact i have one i bought at a ts and wasn't sure what to do with it but it was toooo cooool to pass up. Thanks for the idea. Keep em comin!

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We just put a new path in my outhouse bed - the look is traditional but the cost was free - it is broken up concrete. You can find it occasionally for free on craigslist. We had used stones before but they were breaking up pretty badly. This stuff is pretty thick.

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My idea is really way out there but, I always wanted to make a path out of the tops of toilet tanks (the rectangle part) . I always see toilets by the curb. Either all white or mixed pastels would be cool.

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Fru-those would be slippery...

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I made a bunch of stained glass stepping stones and around them I put glass mulch. I made the mulch from broken and tumbled alcohol bottles that I got from the local bars. It saves them from the landfills and it is about as cheap as you can get....FREE! If you choose to do this I would suggest breaking the glass pieces small so that they don't break when walked on and then tumble them for a couple of hours in a cement mixer with a small amount of play sand. The stepping stones are pretty easy to make but not cheap so if you are on a budget you could make plain stones from quick crete.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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If you have trees down from storms, DH cut these small stepping stones for our new bird arbor ...they don't last a real long time but this pic is from Nov 08 when we built the arbor & the tree stepping stones are still hanging in there l-l/2 yrs. later...with lots of plants & mulch around them now. Jeanne S.

I'll take a more recent pic soon!

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@excessfrufru I could turn them over, fill with soil and I have great creeping thyme that you can walk on then they would be living "stones".
@smickerdoodle No glass I walk around barefoot too much and I have great issues with hurting my self on sharp objects, but it sounds like a great idea for someone who wouldn't potentially hurt themselves! Thank you everyone for the great ideas. Greatly appreciated!

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