Ponytail Palm with Spots

maevesmom(Zone 6)October 13, 2009

My friend has had a ponytail palm for 15 years. He noticed that recently it has white spots on it. I have attached a picture. Any thoughts?

From July 26 2009

From July 26 2009

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Looks like mealybugs to me.

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It does look like Mealybugs...I believe you can treat it with rubbing alcohol. You moisten a cotton ball or q-tip with the alcohol and clean off each leaf.

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ashley_plant_addict(Zone 8)

Maevesmom, how did you keep you pony tail looking so good, as side from the recent bug problem. I have one that I got about a year ago, it stayed outside for most of the summer. It looked great but now I think I was over watering from other threads i've read.

My pony tail palm is actually 3 mini ones in one pot, the leaves are still growing but the bases are shrivled and hard. Any thoughts on how to salvage this? Will the shrivled bases become full again? Thanks for your help!

P.S. beautiful pony tail, sorry for your bug problem.

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Maybe Mealy bugs. As stated hit them with rubbing alcohol. Also try Bonide Mealy bug and whitefly spray or Bayer Rose and flower spray.

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