now this is garden junk, personified...

aka_strawberrygoat(PNW-8)June 8, 2010

ok, so I hear you say...

what? I've seen that kind of garden me something I haven't seen....

well, today at this farmstead of my friend's...where she grew up, I got a chance to see how things are, on a 360 acre farm...

starting with the fence, as we drove into the place...








they were freakin' EVERYWHERE!!!

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Horse and mule, right? Or are there "others" in there as well? The psycho theme comes to mind! I wonder what kind of farm it is. Don't take your horse there.
Love, Jules

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Marlene Kindred

Yeah, the skulls are a bit on the creepy side I think! Love the old iron wheels and the antique mower though....

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I love it ALL, even the skulls!

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spedigrees z4VT

Hmmm... A lot of cattle skulls used to adorn boulders and fences in the landscape around here back when many folks raised and slaughtered their own beef. But horse and mule skulls are just wrong!! lol Cat and doggie skulls would creep me out too, to say nothing of human skulls. If I had a relationship with a species, then it's just too macabre to see their bones lying about! (Of course I have saved a variety of equine, canine, and feline teeth, but their host animals parted with these souvenirs while they were among the living.)

I miss the abundance of old farm equipment and wagon wheels too. Their presence is dwindling in fields around us.

That's a nice farm that you toured and photographed, strawberry. But agreed, desertrat, my pony won't be visiting there!

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That old mower resides at my place, too! I'll have to take a pic for ya! Mine is a garden vignette & it sits in the middle (right behind the dog kennel) & just over from my potting table & garden shed...have hostas & a couple trees planted around it & Jack-in-the-Pulpit & a couple peonies love it there! Some of kids old metal trucks/barn bldgs are hidden in there & deteroirated over the yrs.

I like seeing your friend's farm old antique mower & iron wheels. Not into skulls either. But, otherwise, looks like a beautiful place! TFS! Jeanne S.

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There are a lot of different skulls there. Kind of macabre. I do love the old weathered fence though and old mower!

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I love the patina of the fence, used to see skulls laying around as a kid, no big deal. Beats cowpies!! Neat mower!! Jan

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littledog(z7 OK)

I'm only seeing cow, calf, dog and domestic swine.
I'm guessing they don't run any livestock in that part of the property; with 360 acres, you could afford to have a big area for show. It's very decorative and interesting.

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the acreage is subdivided into 40 acre lots, for the kids, who grew up on that farm.
the parents told me that in the 50's, they lived up near Seattle and saw an ad in the newspaper. it had a picture, so they drove down to the land, about an hour and half southwest.

they fell in love with it, decided to raise a family there and paid something like $15,000 for it as a package...
unheard of amount these days..

when the kids grew up and the parents moved away, they drew up the lots.
my friend sold her share to two brothers, who now have half each of her acreage.
the parents didn't do actual farming on the land.
they had a huge garden, chickens for the family and enough extra to sell eggs.
a few cows for milk and butter..
otherwise, the kids got the run of the place.
now, no one does any farming, other than a few cows in the fields..I saw about 3 horses..
many dogs, cats, chickens, bees, gardens and lots of vehicles and run down buildings.

the majority is still very beautiful and quiet.
I would be hard pressed, to ever leave such a place, even to go to the
I'd be wanting ducks, goats, free range chickens, cornfields, pumpkin patch, for hay rides, turkeys, rabbits, bees, herbs, dahlias, noble trees, apple trees, berry patches, lavender fields and lots of grandkids, spending the weekends.
and for the skulls...I'd be sun bleaching them, for future

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