Anyone have a source for white ceramic pots?

odyssey3(7 noVA)October 29, 2012

I like to add some uniformity to my many, many houseplants by potting them in plain all-white ceramic pots with matching saucers. I don't care if the styles are different, as long as they are all white with a saucer. Lately I am having a hard time finding them. I bought the few my local nurseries had, but I need more 6 and 8 inch ones. I've tried searching online and am still coming up short. Anyone know a good online source?

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I remember seeing some at IKEA , not sure if they had saucers

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odyssey3(7 noVA)

I hadn't thought of IKEA. Thanks Rina, I'll have a look.

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You have a Lowes near you. Their garden shop usually has them in all shapes & sizes. Might catch them on sale this late in season. my local does now.

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odyssey3(7 noVA)

Thanks Cliff--I've been to all the Lowe's in the area and one did have five 4" white pots and I bought them all. No luck finding any since, and I need bigger ones as well. The local HD's and WM's had no white pots whatsoever.

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