Water on leaft tips

october17(5chgo)October 13, 2009

Can anyone tell me anything about this plant? I found it abandoned outside a closed store in a strip mall.

I had it outside all summer. Just brought it in on Friday. I've noticed a few things getting water "splashes" near this plant. This morning I discovered that the tips of the leaves all have water droplets. Some of them large - like the one in the pic. (There is another pic of the whole plant there too.)

How does a plant form water droplets on the tips - only the tips - of its own leaves? I never noticed any when it was outside, I think I would have as it was on my wooden porch.

Here is a link that might be useful: houseplant

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It looks like an Anthurium (??) and it could be doing something called weeping. I believe it happens when a plant is overwatered. I'm not sure on all the details though. Chances are you didn't notice it when it was outside was perhaps 'cause of the heat drying up the plant quickly enough and causing any excess water on the plant to evaporate.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Excessive turgidity (water pressure inside the plant) can cause the weeping of xylem sap (guttation) you describe. It happens in many plants, but is more common in some species than others.


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Wow. That is fascinating. Water pressure inside the plant. No kidding.

Thanks for the info. I'll be doing some reading on that.

(Poor plant, I need to clean its leaves.)

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Tis true, Pothos for instance does this.

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I read that turgidity is important to keep the leaves upright. But, now I see a few leaves are starting to droop.

I think I know why someone abandoned this plant. It's either drooping or dripping!

But, when I found it, it was dry as a bone and yellow from sunburn, and the leaves were only drooping somewhat. Maybe it IS overwatered - sitting in some water trapped in the bottom of the pot? Maybe I should just repot it so I can rule that out. (Surface of the soil is dry, and I dumped all the excess water out of the "built-in" saucer last friday when I watered it.)

Anybody have any other ideas? What would you do? I know I can't keep it on the wooden table where it is now. Where can I keep a drippy plant?

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Drooping leaves *usually* means not enough water, I.E. peace lily will droop when low on water, Coleus is another example as are impatiens. A well watered plant like yours will produce those drops. It's normal.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

For some plants, guttation is no more normal than being over-watered. For others, it's a very common occurrence.

If there is a 'usually' to be associated with drooping leaves, it's that they are 'usually' symptomatic of a drought response, which can be caused by a variety of things, under-watering being only one of them. The other two major players in causing a loss of turgidity and drooping leaves are high levels of salts in the soil (plants cannot osmotically take up water, so die of thirst in a sea of plenty) and over-watering.


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OK, on with the plant saga. I'm beginning to regret rescuing this plant.

I found a spot to keep it in the pantry with a very nice east window and vinyl floor with no danger of anyone slipping. So, this morning I put it in there. A few hours later, I go in there to look for something and there is an odor. A doggie doo doo odor.

I had also noticed this same odor out on my porch over the summer. It was only one or two days, but man, it stunk!

So, thinking it had rotten soil, I repotted the thing but the soil was fairly dry all the way to the bottom. There were a lot of pretty fleshy roots filling the bottom of the pot going in circles. The dirt was not fetid in the least.

Is it normal for the plant to stink? Is it the water droplets making it stink? The trunk? What?

I love the look of this plant. But it's getting to be a bit much now. LOL. Anyone have any idea on the stink?

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

.... check your shoes?


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Ha ha! Yes, I checked my shoes. Just as I did for a few days over the summer because I smelled the same stink out on the porch (where the plant was). I wish the pic was scratch n sniff.

It's stinkin up the pantry again today. I hate to do it, but the thing has got to go.

Unless someone can tell me how to stop the thing from stinkin???

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