colorful brick path

PurplemoonJune 10, 2009

I found this picture while 'browsing' during another sleepless night, LOL. How cool is this!

Sidewalk CHALK was used. (no info, but I would presume it was sealed to stay this way.)

hugs, Karen

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LOVE IT!!!! I am going to put in a path from my porch to my side Garden (Still a work in progress). Why couldn't you paint them? could you really seal the chalk and it would stay?

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Man that is right up my alley. So colorful. It would be interesting to paint bricks. Some of you would have plus and minus sides for this. Please chime in with opinions as I would like to do something like this on brick. Canit be permanent??

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WOW Love it...

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Depending on your location, the kind of bricks, and the kind of paint, spalling may happen.

It is generally not recommended to paint bricks. When moisture is trapped inside the brick, freezing will cause the brick to spall or crack.


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That is neat. What a wonderful path in the garden. Love it and thanks for posting.


Here is a link that might be useful: MY BLOG

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tennesseetrash(7 east tenn)

Oh, that's plumb purty! Love those colors! TFS ~tenderlee

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Beautiful! I don't know about places where it freezes but a lot of brick fireplace chimneys on outsides of houses get painted out here & they do just fine. It does freeze out here number of times in winter but I think 28 degrees is about as low as it gets. It looks like the color is very even & I guess could be chalk. My neighbor made beautiful ceramics & she decorated them with chalk & maybe refired them,they were so nice.It didn't rub off & looked like her other ceramics but with softer colors, especially the Southwest ones!! Jan

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They make concrete stains but they are mostly earth tones not vivid colors. If you wanted to paint your bricks you can paint on the top portion that would show, thus not locking in much moisture. The porous stone will suck up enough color to last for years. Ms Linda Sewandsew paints flower pots. I used exterior latex to paint some terra cotta pots too. We have all seen brick buildings that have been painted white many years ago and they do get chippy with weather and age (chippy is cool in a garden). If I were going to do this (wish I did have room for one), I would get the little bottles of exterior craft paints and paint my brick face and then spray some concrete sealer on the path. THIS INDEED CAN BE DONE!!!! It will be whimsical and it will delight all of your family and guests everytime they walk it. I have to admit that I think I would skip or hop on a fun-filled path like that. It is pure stained glass magic. The person who spent a ton of time using chaulk has a "temporary colored" path for sure. lol But what a great idea to use paint to add some Pop color in your garden.

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WOW! How cool is That!!!

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spedigrees z4VT

I was going to exclaim "Wow! Totally cool!" but CalamityJ you said it for me! I love the colors!

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That is very pretty, I really like it.

I painted our concrete "brick" patio the first year DH did it (6 years ago) as I didn't like the grey color. I used some old interior latex paints all mixed together to make a pale green. We are both amazed at how that paint has lasted in our cold climate. Sure there is some peeling but that only adds to the "patina". LOL The color isn't extremely different from the concrete color, just a tint of green. I didn't seal it and only did one coat. This patio gets a lot of use as it's the only way to enter our house from either door and our only patio.

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The ONLY information with this photo is that sidewalk chalk was used on it. I hope, after all that work, it was sealed somehow to keep it this way. But I have no clue if it was, or could be. A lady I know who has a concrete mold business told me she uses regular old exterior house paint on her things she wants to add color to. She said it doesn't have to be sealed or anything. And you can get many colors in the Ooops dept of paint stores.

As for this labor of love, I keep envisioning a bunch of kids given some boxes of chalk and told to "go to it".
LOL. Not labor to them!

hugs, K

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Lucky gal I wish you'd post a pic! I'm trying to convince dh to let me paint our concrete front steps. He insisted on doing part of it in this good awful stuff that is peeling and makes a slippery coating. I would like to try just paint.
I paint the concrete objects that I make sometimes. Acrylic paint works fine. Oil based stain (found it in the cellar) seems to come off though!
That path is a beauty! Not sure you can get quite that effect with paint. I wonder how they made it stick.


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spedigrees z4VT

Maybe this masterwork was just done in chaulk without sealer. I've seen amazing chalk paintings in malls and incredible sand paintings and sculptures, as well as spectacular ice sculptures, all destined to melt or rub off or disintegrate when the tide comes in. It's amazing to me that artists with such talent expend it on creations of the most temporary nature. But I suppose a photgraph saves it forever, in a sense.

Years ago in our city home I used to leave a box of colored chaulk on the front porch for the neighbor kids to draw pictures on my front concrete walkway. It amused me to see new bright colorful drawings on the walk when I came home or left for work. They washed away in the rains but the kids obliged me with new artworks each time.

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What an awesome way to keep kids busy for hours! lol! It reminds me of a pretty easter basket ... it has that wicker quality to it.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I'm bumping this before it goes over the edge into oblivion!

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That is awesome!! I am trying to find ideas to re-do the pathways between my raised garden beds. This is definitely a potential!

I'm thinking maybe the 12 x 12 stones painted with cute garden sayings... and colorfully painted ones alternated...

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