Frogs on Trellis

kirkus(5a)June 30, 2011

My wife Carol bought me these stained glass frogs from the Terry's Village catalog. Aren't they cool? I hung them on my old, wooden, ladder trellis I made. :o) If you haven't seen my trellis, I'll attach a photo. Bear Hugs! Kirk

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gardencraze(9b Groveland FL.)

Those are just too cute,what wonderful ideas you have and carol is sweet to buy those for you, I love the trelis now I have to go looking for an old ladder, NOT!!! LOL.
I have so much stuff in my yard now that HOA send me a letter to clean it up....IMAGINE THAT. They just don't appreciate good art LOL TFS
Happy Junking

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Marlene Kindred

Love the new frogs! They look so happy on your trellis!

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I love your frogs and your ladder trellis. You are so creative.


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Kirk, I've always loved that trellis. Its just the neatest idea and so perfect for your place. Those crazy tree frogs Carol found are a hoot. Looks like they were made for your trellis too. Really add a pop of color.

Carmen, I don't think any HOA's know how to appreciate garden "art". One of my kids lives in an HOA place, he loves it, but I couldn't handle someone telling me what I could and couldn't do. Tho I try to keep most of my GJ stuff out back where we live, just cause of how all my neighbors yards are done. Nobody into garden junk stuff around here. I did put a set of tipsy pots out front, and have quite a bit of stuff on or around my patio. But the front yard doesn't have any out in it. I rather have my stuff out back anyway, since that's where I am most of the time (except now when its 116 the next few days!)

hugs, Karen

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9bark(6 semi-desert)

Funky trellis I love it! Looks like an old fishing net.

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I love this trellis, too, Kirk! And the froggies have found a perfect home! Carol has such good GJ taste! You're lucky! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Frogs look right at home on that trellis. Looks like they are the quiet type! Jan

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What a perfect home for those delightful frogs! Carol finds the best stuff!

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