My Asparagus Plants Look Dead - Are They?

amyamybobamyDecember 3, 2011

I haven't planted/grown asparagus before my current efforts, so I have no idea what to expect.

Last spring I set out about a dozen roots, which eventually sprouted and produced lovely, fern-like plants that lasted until about a month ago. Now the plants are all brown and dead.

So ... ARE the plants AND their roots dead? Or is this just part of the lifecycle of asparagus roots? Are the roots likely to be alive?

Can I expect them to return to life in a few months, when the weather warms up?

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Hi amyamybobamy,
What you are describing is totally normal, at this point you can cut them down to the ground and mulch them with compost (or whatever you can get your hands on), in a few months they will start shooting up spears and the second year you can harvest a few spears off of each plant, by the third year you can start harvesting for a couple of weeks. You are doing great ;-)

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