Enamel Pots

kirkus(5a)June 28, 2011

Recently planted up some enamelware pots. I planted the white bucket and white chamber pot with mosquito plants. I planted the blue chamber pot (a $1 thrift store find) with a miniature rose. The blue stones were garage sale finds. The frog was a rummage sale find! Had to share! Bear Hugs! Kirk

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Very, very nice, Kirk. Your plants look really good. Thank you for sharing.


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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I love enamel ware planted! The blue stones look great. I also like the fabric on your porch chair.

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Those are great, I love the blue stones, they really tie the rose pots together. Your mosquito plant looks really healthy and vibrant with the red and white chamber pot.

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Love those enamel pots! The blue stones look really nice also....never saw the stones put in pots like that.....gotta put that on my to-do list. All your plants look so healthy. All of mine seem to be heat stressed....no matter how much water I give them!

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Marlene Kindred

Those look great! Love the old enamelware! The blue one is really pretty and the stones help the rose bush pop. I love those mosquito plants too...haven't been able to find one in this area this year...guess they weren't expecting mosquitoes, but the growers were definitely wrong!

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love the enamel ware - do you punch holes in the bottom for drainage?? I have several pieces and am having a hard deciding on putting drainage holes in the actual pans. Love how healthy your mosquito plants are - mine are so whimpy. I guess I need to take cuttings and start again with them ......


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Thank you all for the kind words. You all are the best. It's funny about those blue stones...they hung around in my garage forever...and then this idea popped into my head last year. I love cobalt blue anything! :o) Lynne, the pots all had rust holes in the bottoms but I added a few more with my drill. Bear Hugs! Kirk

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Those are all wonderful, but the last photo with the blue is my favorite of all. Like you, I am in love with cobalt in the garden. And your roses are so pretty too.

hugs, Karen

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All your things are so cute!!!!!!

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I like the chamber pot and other plantings.
When I was a child I did not think chamber pots (the grown ups called them "slop jars") were too cute. I would have been so embarrassed if my relatives had put plants in one for the public to see.

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I love the stones most of all! how very easy to do, but so very effective! I love the sparkle.:)

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The enamel pot w/blue glass babbles & miniature rose...who would have thunk! Looks rustic, vintage & chic altogether! Love it! TFS! Jeanne S.

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All the pots look wonderful with all their greenery & the roses & blue stones look terrific! I too like the pink & white covering on the chair, really sets the rest off! Jan

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