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PurplemoonJune 3, 2010

Last week I did two new totems and have them in my album.

I'm putting the link to pg 2, and the last four photos are totems then next page is another 12. The two new ones are the Fairy Totem and the Cobalt Cross one.

Most of you have seen my other totems in the past. Its been quite awhile since I made any, but in my garage

'spring cleaning' binge, I was determined to use up some of the glass stash. I'm planning to do just a couple of more of this size, then will just do tiny "pot Totems" in the future I think.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: my totems

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Everything looks really nice.....
I had forgotten some of your things so
looked at all of them!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I enjoyed looking at your album. I love the colorful dishes you find. The new ones are terrific!

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I love all your totems! I missed the colorful frog one. Where did you find the beautiful base for that and your more recent colorful one? It is so pretty! TFS!

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Leave it up to you to find a patriotic frog, that is just darling. They both are. I've been gathering glass for mine, but have nothing that cute.

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Marlene Kindred

Karen....your totems a GORGEOUS!!! Love, love, love the blue cross one....just too pretty! And I don't think I had seen some of the others you had either. The amber rooster one is wonderful! You definitely have the totem fever!

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All my glass comes from GW, with an occasional piece from Dollar Tree. Frou, isn't that frog a hoot! He was at GW, and I bought him with no plans in mind. Then when I found those colorful vases, I discovered how well he went with them. I'm also finding those so much easier to keep clean. The crystal I love, is a real pain. We have very hard water and trying to keep the lime off them..or even keep the sparkling clear look, is so difficult for me.

Thanks for all the nice compliments, Everyone. It means a lot. I don't have any family or friends who like this kind of stuff, so only you understand and appreciate it.

hugs, Karen

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Ahhhh, purplemoon, I always LOVE seeing your totem creations! These 2 new ones are wonderful additions! That blue cross one is so beautiful! I like, luna, have loved that frog one...the balance & colors work so well! I'm happy that you will still be making totems ...the pot ones! TFS! Jeanne S. (and way to go on using up glass from your stash!)

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Lots of beautiful or cute totems, I really like the little ones as I don't have a lot of space to put them. Looks like something I could do. Jan

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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

Karen- Your friends and family may not recognize fine art when they see it, but the experts here agree that your work is wonderful!! I LOVE the frog totem (and eveything else, for that matter). Thanks for sharing!!

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Love the one with the cross.
I plan to have one (for myself) with
a glass cross I bought at $ General.

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kudzukween(8 MS)

beautiful! you have some beautiful pieces made :D gotta love sparkly glass:D

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looked through your album & loved everything; especially the whippets! we adopted a whippet mix a yr ago and she is such a sweetheart. she has wiggled herself so deeply into our hearts! but back to the topic; i really want to try making a totem & your album is definitely an inspiration.

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