How Do I pot a Pothos?

gwendolyn_k12October 15, 2007

I need advice. I know nothing about plants. My sister who lives in Canada gave me a pothos. They wouldn't let me bring it across the US Border unless it was certifide, But If I cut the plant from the roots it's ok. So I did that. Now It has rooted in water. I would like to pot it. How would I do that? Help

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You're lucky because pothos are a very easy plant to grow. The biggest mistake people make when repotting is to use too big of a pot. If you have just one stem of pothos, I'd go for a 4 to 5 inch pot, depending on the size of the root system. You can use either terra cotta or plastic, whatever you prefer. Choose a good indoor potting mix. I usually mix my own, but for one plant that isn't practical. I've bought the Miracle Grow Organic indoor potting mix and found it works rather well. A indicator of good potting soil is the weight of the bag. Usually, the lighter the better. Avoid Hyponics soil. It's garbage.

When it comes time to move the plant to the pot, be gentle. Put something like a scrap of nylons or window screen in the bottom of the pot so the soil doesn't fall through. Then put in some soil. Place the roots in and fill around the roots. Remember to leave about a half inch of space at the top of the pot so you can water. When the plant is in position go ahead and water. The soil will compress as the air holes are filled with soil. Make sure after you water that there is no water in the bottom saucer. Most plants don't like to sit in water. Water again when the soil is dry about an inch down from the top of the soil. It may take awhile to dry out because your plant doesn't have a very large root system yet and isn't transpiring a great deal. Be patient and water only when necessary.

Good luck. Someone will pipe up if I've forgotten anything.

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parker806(zone 8 GA)

good job m taggert. ditto

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I have eight rooted Pothoses. How many roots per pot?

Thank You

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

If they were mine I might pot them up 4 cuttings each in 2 separate 3" plastic pots, no bigger; pots must have drainage holes.

This is not a precision drill, need not be as exact as perhaps you're thinking. It's an easy, almost indestructible plant (can only be killed by overwatering, or too much bright, direct sun).

Since you've said you know nothing abt plants, you're here now, so you can start reading & learning. There's another thread right near here abt Pothos, that'd be helpful reading for you.

You might also look around for basic houseplant books to buy or browse at your local bookstore (or search here for suggested titles). That's a good way to learn basics of plant care, watering, sun, soil, pots, etc. Good luck & enjoy!

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