marquest(z5 PA)October 7, 2010

I love houseplants and Pots. I am always looking for pots that are different/odd. I have seen people use lots of items that were not intended as pots that interest me also.

Do you love pots?

I love pots so mush I was on vacation one year and I left some cloths in the hotel so I could fit the pots in my luggage, LOL These were the ones I left cloths for


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My pots are nowhere as nice as yours, but here are a few anyway.

Honestly, I really use plastic, clay and clear pots..nothing fancy.
Your pots are amazing..Where did they come from?

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

Ha ha, Toni, is that an actual SHOE?! Also, I love the hippos.

I love that you left clothes behind to be able to pack your pots, Marquest : )

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marquest(z5 PA)

I love your pots. That Hippo would have been a cloths left behind kinda pot for me. It is a one of a kind, I love it. I love all of them I have wanted one like your first one for a long time. I will have that in my collection one day.

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LOL, thanks Quinn and Marquest. I got the hippos at a garage sale, each under 1.00, 18 or so yrs ago. I don't normally go to garage sales, but just from the few I visited, found the prittiest pots for dirt cheap.
My son gave me the fountain/pot-holders for Christmas in 1999. I charish that fountain.
The others were bought at a place called, Collection Inc. Every autumn they have pot sales, 10.00 and under. The Santa was 5.00, think the shoe was 4.99. Check out Collection Inc. I bought two shoes, gave one to a good plant-loving friend.

In the head, is a young Medusa's Head Succulent. I wish it was a faster grower. The head came from Secret Gardens.

Marquest, it's hysterical you left clothes for the pots. lol. Were the pots purchased in US or another country? Toni

The funny thing is, most of my plants are in plastic growing pots, with plastic saucers. I save anything that'd make a decent saucer, including pie tins and frozen dinner trays. lol.

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marquest(z5 PA)

Toni the pots were purchased in Mexico. I was on vacation and when I saw them I had to have them. They are 20 years old. Back then I paid 8.50 for each of them. I knew they would out last the cloths I left behind. LOL

I have found some great pots at the thrift store. I go often looking for pots.

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Can you imagine what they now cost?

Years ago, I was given a beautiful pot from Mexico. 'nothing as ornate as yours, but nice,'

The pot hung from a macrame, a Spider Plant inside. Below, was an appartment size washer.
One day, I hear a huge bang. I ran to the room, and there on the floor was my pretty pot, in pieces. On the way down, the pot hit the washer, denting the metal. The Spider, 'freshly watered,' was a muddy mess.
The washer's long gone, who knows what happened to the macrame, but I still have the Spider, lol. Toni

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