Happy December!

stuffradioDecember 1, 2012

In 4 or 5 weeks I will start my Artichokes and I might try growing Strawberries from seed for the Spring. It's the most wonderful time of the year. Last month of not planting anything. :) I think I might start some Peppers next month also. I started my California Wonder Bell Peppers in March, and they started flowering in September, which was way too late.

In 3 weeks we will start to gain daylight instead of lose daylight.

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Wow, now here we have a sure optimist. Pretty cool to read a thread from such an upbeat gardener. Quite the inspiration.

I hear what you are saying. When I get all the fall chores done and a couple of weeks have passed, I am ready for the next growing season. I do not need the winter downtime but maybe it somehow helps feed the gardening addiction. I am ready for the 2013 gardening season - bring it on. The new season brings new opportunities, past failures are long forgotten.

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landscraper82(4a - ND)

Happy December indeed! I think I accidentally got spring fever yesterday, it poured rain like a SOB for about 15 minutes here in Fargo, and the temps were aroud 50 degrees all day. So I spent the afternoon drawing up gardening plans... :) Think I've got most of it figured out, I'm still trying to decide what types of corn to plant, and what type (or types?)of melon to plant. Now that the seed catalogs are showing up in the mail maybe that will help.

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You're lucky that you can grow melons. I have to get a greenhouse in order to grow them. I've only gotten very small vines with flowers in September as opposed to the Summer.

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sunnibel7 Md 7(7)

I was just thinking of starting my artichokes earlier and putting them in larger pots. But I was still going to wait until after Christmas. I'm glad we are going to start gaining light soon, the 4 pm sunset is always sort of a drag. Anyway I am still bringing in collards and kale and haven't finished putting the garden to bed yet.

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For me, this is the dead zone of the year. I'll start some onion seeds in January, but I'm past working on the compost pile, and there's nothing to do now. I think I suffer from that lack-of-sunlight-itis - I'll be happy when March comes and I can work outside again.

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Aindra(8, BC)

I still have a veggie container garden going - though slowly - outdoors on my balcony. My peas are flowering so it's kind of odd to see them at this month. But yes, I'll be happier when spring comes.

It rains way too much here now that I had to take steps to protect the containers. One container I didn't care much is the oatgrass pot (for my cat which isn't around anymore) is flooded for well over a month. I can see water pools all time and... the oats aren't showing any sign it's dying at all. That thing is unkillable. I might try growing Strawberries from seed for the Spring

Good luck! I tried to do same, but not a single seed sprouted and I used all seeds in a new packet! In end, I was able to grow strawberries from seed, only after I got my mature strawberry plant gift from my mom; that plant bore fruits which one fell in dirt and sprouted A LOT plants... so success, I guess?

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landscraper82(4a - ND)


Have you tried Minnesota Midget? Personally I've never grown it, and have heard mixed reviews....but might be something to try, since it was designed for short growing seasons.

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landscraper82 No I haven't. I think I tried larger melons.

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Anyone plant earlier than what a seed catalog says for your area? I'm going to order some Strawberry seeds and start them right away. The catalog says December - late January is when I should be growing Strawberries from seed. March it says Broccoli/Cauliflower, but I think I should start them mid February maybe.

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sunnibel7 Md 7(7)

Depends.I think the catalog recommendations are for growing without season extension helpers. Which is to say they provide the general info for when to plant that is going to give you the greatest likelihood of success in an average year, especially directions for direct sowing. Space (under lights) is often the limiting factor with the spring seedling rush, so if you have some method of season extension, like a cold frame, so you can move the seedlings out from the house, then earlier is fine. If you can't, then you end up taking space for 4 large broccoli transplants that could hold 8 smaller ones while waiting for it to be warm enough for any of them to survive outside. Which might also be fine. Cheers!

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Found my first of 180 cloves of Garlic have poked through the ground today!

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Only 6 days until the end of the world! I'm excited. :)

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Aloha: Boy it feels like that sometimes....global warming is good for the garden right now! With your attention gotten.............here in Southwest Va. I am still harvesting Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Four different lettuces,(some slightly frost bitten), three different types of spinach, and Mustard greens (with creesy greens on the way). This is all outside, exposed to the elements, with no tunnels be they large or small. Happy December indeed.

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