Pallet House & Tater Totes

giggles1June 9, 2010

Surfing around, I found this cool site. Hope it's new to you, ran a search.

The possibilities are endless w/ this main frame! Weather you add glass, plywood, anything or nothing to the exterior, it's an automatic start-up frame! Tool storage, potting shed, kids playhouse, etc, etc.

BEWARE tho, it does say some pallets that come from overseas have nasty chemicals!

One of the other too-kewl items I saw were the Tater Totes.

Last year, we had our taters way down the hill & the deer ate all the tops - small yield on taters. I was thinking there are many things that could be used to make the totes & they could even be fashionable yard art - with a purpose!

We just put up a 25' greenhouse & I thought burlap bags or something else like that could be used, I'll place them along the sides & they'll serve to anchor down the greenhouse too, or atleast cover the bottom edge! Burlap or even the landscape fabric can be painted with, let's say sunflowers or daisies!

I love when things serve double-duty!

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Good ideas!

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Marlene Kindred

People come up with some ingenious ideas, don't they? Thanks for sharing the site with us.

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spedigrees z4VT

That pallet garden shed is amazing. This is a unique idea for a very sturdy garden house. Pallets are nearly indestructable and would provide a really solid frame that would last a really long time. Their durability really appeals to me.

The toxins in the wood are a concern, and I think childrens' playhouses would not be a safe use, since kids are more susceptible to carcinogens than adults.

Another problem might be attaching siding, although clearly it can be done. I once brought home a couple broken pallets from the mill where I used to work and built a hamster cage with the free scrap wood. However it was a task from hell. Even drilling starter holes it was nearly impossible to drive nails or screws into this wood. The cage is indestructable, but what a task it was to build! I went into work that night and related the troubles I had with the project to a couple co-workers and one of them said "we could have told you that." I asked "well then WHY didn't you!?" and he replied "well you looked like you had a plan." lol

Anyways I've worried since about the possible toxins in that cage, even after coating it with a non-toxic paint. It was in an era before imports from China, so it probably was not as tainted as the pallets one would get today. One of my hamsters and two rats did die from tumors, but it was after LONG lifetimes of making the cage their home, so perhaps their cancer was a result of extreme old age only. No way to know. In any case I built a new, larger dwelling for my small pets, this time of *untreated* lumber, and put the pallet wood cage in storage. Not only was the new cage a snap to build compared to the pallet wood cage, but I no longer worry about my little pets.

A pallet garden house or storage bin has real appeal though. It would probably hold up for years even set directly on the ground. I would have never thought of this.

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