Soaker hose questions

jacalJune 10, 2011

I have 100 feet of soaker hoses running along flower beds (mostly hosta, azalea, berries, peonies, tomato plant) on the left side (north) of my house, and 150 ft. of soaker hoses on the right side (impatients, evergreen, hosta) with a y to water my front yard garden (roses, evergreen, basil) along the foundation (the hose at the y crosses the sidewalk). I bought the rubber hoses at Sears and the one connected to y in the front yard garden burst in two sections last year, so I returned it to Sears last week (7 year warranty) before I laid them down this year and exchanged it for a new one, and the new one failed in two places after I used it twice, so I exchanged it again. This time I made sure I didn't turn the water pressure up very much and made sure not to place the hose near the rose bush thorns (one part of the soaker hose is a few feet off the ground away the roses), but I don't know why this hose keeps failing on me, and right in the same spot, on the ground, next to the basil, and near the rose bush. I am wondering now if birds or bees could be pecking on it, and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for me regarding why these hoses are failing in the same spot in the front garden (it can't be buried in this area). I really want the soaker hoses to work well, it's the best $60.00 I ever spent on this house when it comes to saving time and work!

Additionally, I wanted to know how long I should run the soaker hoses in Zone 6b, there are dripping a cup of water every five minutes on the low water pressure I have on. Thx.

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You would probably get more info if you go to the garden web forum page and then go to the irrigation forum. There is a soaker hose post there now.
Since this is the grden JUNK forum questions like this should be put on the conversations side.
Main garden junk page--Top of page has 'discussions' and to the side says 'switch to conversations'.

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